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As a company with a long-term outlook, we believe we have the dual responsibility to drive business results AND be a force in the community. MEG gets out into our communities, listens to our stakeholders about their challenges and opportunities and then creates strategies to drive measurable change.

We’ve provided support to children and teens in many ways, from covering school maintenance costs and library funding, to donating furniture to youth centres. MEG also helps charitable and community organizations, which provide support to families with needs and social activities for Elders.

MEG also takes part in community initiatives such as Energy in Action. In this initiative, we visit community schools near our operations and share information about environmental stewardship in a fun and interactive way. The Energy in Action initiative also donates textbooks to school libraries.


To apply for community investment support from MEG, your organization must:

Fit within MEG’s three focus areas for giving: Children & Youth, Education and Health & Wellness

Service communities where MEG has a strong business presence

Be a registered Canadian charity or not-for-profit community agency

Have a well-managed program with complete financial disclosure

Deadline: Ongoing

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