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Value: Varies. Applicants are encouraged to contribute 50% or more towards the purchase of the object. Applications seeking up to 100% of the purchase will only be considered when exceptional circumstances are justified.


Movable Cultural Property Grants help designated organizations acquire cultural property of outstanding significance and national importance to Canada, as outlined in the Cultural Property Export and Import Act. Designated organizations are located in Canada and demonstrate the ability to ensure the long-term preservation of cultural property.


Both the cultural property and the institution must be eligible in order to qualify for a Movable Cultural Property Grant.

In order to be eligible for a movable cultural property grant, the cultural property must be either:

  • The subject of a refused cultural property export permit for which an export delay period has been established by the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board
  • Located outside of Canada and available for sale on the international market. These objects must have a strong association with the national heritage but are not necessarily Canadian in origin

In addition the applicant must be an institution or public authority in Canada that has been “designated” by the Minister of Canadian Heritage under the Cultural Property Export and Import Act. List can be found here.

Institutions and public authorities that are not already designated may submit an application for designation with their application for a Movable Cultural Property Grant. Organizations seeking to acquire cultural property for which they are not already designated must submit a Category “B” designation application with the grant application.

Eligible Expenses:

Grants can be used to purchase cultural property:

  • For which an export permit has been denied
  • That is important to Canada’s national heritage and available for purchase outside the country

Deadline: Ongoing

Contact: Movable Cultural Property Program | 1-866-811-0055 |


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