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Value: Maximum $30,000


Transport Canada is committed to supporting projects that help foster a more in-depth understanding of climate change impacts in the North, facilitate adaptation considerations in transportation planning and develop northern adaptation capacity. The purpose of the program is to provide federal funding to eligible projects that will contribute to these objectives. The program objectives are:

  • Develop new tools and technologies through science-based research and development activities
  • Improve knowledge and build Northern capacity to adapt transportation infrastructure and operations to climate change
  • Ensure the necessary knowledge is available and provide the appropriate adaptive tools to enable planners and practitioners to make strategic choices regarding ongoing transportation operations and new construction of transportation infrastructure in Canada’s North
  • Understand the future costs associated with the maintenance of existing transportation infrastructure and operations in light of climate change impacts

The Program also strongly encourages collaboration between government, academia and the private industry and that research findings from funded research be communicated to other academic and research institutions and/or the northern transportation industry.


Not-For-Profit Institutions

Eligible Projects:

  • Fundamental Knowledge and Understanding of Aspects of Climate Change Affecting the Northern Transportation System: The goal is to improve and enhance the knowledge and understanding of the impacts of maintenance, construction and environmental factors, including climate change, on the resilience, sustainability and integrity of the northern transportation system
  • Development, Evaluation and Testing of Innovative Tools, Technologies and Best Practices: Project objectives should encourage the adaptation of northern transportation infrastructure and operations by developing, evaluating and/or testing innovative tools, technologies and best practices in Canada’s North
  • Training and Capacity Building: Projects encourage the development of northern expertise and build capacity for the adaptation of northern transportation infrastructure and operations to climate change. Activities could include, but are not limited to, the design and development of specialized courses, workshops, technical presentations, and training opportunities. Projects involving specific training activities for individuals of the project team would not be sufficient in qualifying a project for this theme

Deadline: Currently closed. Future deadline January 2018.

Contact: Northern Transportation Adaptation Initiative |

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