Participant Funding Program (PFP) | Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA)

Value: Environmental assessments undertaken by the Agency: maximum $12,300. Environmental assessments undertaken by a review panel/joint review panel: maximum $21,800.


The Participant Funding Program (PFP) supports public and Aboriginal participation in environmental assessments conducted by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (the Agency), by review panels and joint review panels. The objective of the PFP is to encourage effective participation by helping to ensure that concerns about the potential effects of a project on the environment, Aboriginal groups and on existing or potential Aboriginal or Treaty rights are taken into consideration during the environmental assessment process.Effective participation can:

o      Provide individuals and organizations with an opportunity to contribute to the planning of projects that may affect them

o      Allow proponents and the Agency to better understand and address public interest and concerns regarding the potential environmental effects of a project

o      Assist in identifying and preventing or mitigating potential adverse environmental effects by contributing community knowledge and Aboriginal traditional knowledge that may be applied in the environmental assessment

o      Inform the environmental assessment process and the decisions that come out of that process


o      Individuals, incorporated not-for-profit organizations and Aboriginal groups

o      Participants must demonstrate the value they will add by their participation in the environmental assessment and that they meet at least one of the following criteria:

o      Have a direct, local interest in the project, such as living or owning property in the project area

o      Have community knowledge or Aboriginal traditional knowledge relevant to the environmental assessment

o      Plan to provide expert information relevant to the anticipated environmental effects of the project; and/or

o      Have an interest in the potential impacts of the project on treaty lands, settlement lands or traditional territories and/or related claims and rights

Eligible Expenses:

o      Reporting Costs and Professional Services

o      Travel Expenses (including travel kilometers/flights, meals, incidentals and accommodation)

o      Honoraria for Elders and ceremonial offerings

Deadline: 30 days from the notification of Regular and Aboriginal Funding availability.

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