Product Demonstration Program (PDP)| Alberta Innovates Technology Futures (AITF)

Value: AITF’s investment is in the range of $100,001 to $300,000, which is paid to either the Applicant or the Project Partner named in the Application, depending on the structure of the Project. The applicant must enter an agreement governing the investment of 50% of the Project Costs of the project.


The PDP is designed to support technologies in the more advanced stages of development, focusing on TRL 7, 8 & 9, The PDP is intended to fund the SME to work in collaboration with a maximum of 3 Project Partner (s) for the purpose of showcasing the performance, method and features of a prototype in the general marketplace or alternately, showcasing the complete technology product to a strategic customer in an operational environment, and validating its economic and technical feasibility.

Funding is for:

  • Technology optimization critical for market acceptance
  • Manufacturing of a prototype for demonstration project
  • Applications for regulatory approval and certifications critical for market acceptance
  • Testing of a prototype in an operational environment
  • Results assessment/verification of technical data


  • Be a SME
  • Demonstrate why AITF’s support for the Project is necessary for success
  • Exist as a provincially, extra-provincially or federally registered corporation which has legal status to operate on a for-profit basis in Alberta, and which retains a significant physical presence in Alberta
  • Show evidence of adequate operational capital and sound financial resources to develop and/ commercialize the innovation or technology
  • Be able to provide evidence of the viability of the technology or innovation and its market value
  • Be an advanced technology-oriented business developing innovative new products for growing markets
  • Have a plan for applying the research results, and marketing or exploiting products or processes in the best interest of the Applicant and the Alberta economy
  • Does not have an outstanding balance or otherwise owe money to any Alberta Innovates organization, subsidiary, or partner
  • Satisfy due diligence searches by AITF, as further outlined in Section 5,1
  • Mandatory attachments are the Business Plan, Financial Statements, and Source of Funds

Deadline: Ongoing

Contact: Dayna Misener | 780.450.5256 |


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