Public Agriculture Literacy

Value: varies

This program supports initiatives that build industry communication capacity to increase public and consumers’ awareness and understanding of agriculture and the food production system.
Eligible Activities:
One or more of the following activities related to public agriculture literacy is eligible for funding and may be included in an Application:

  • planning, organizing and hosting agriculture literacy awareness summits, workshops and conferences;
  • recruitment and training of agriculture industry spokesperson;
  • development of resources such as videos, website, educational materials, displays, publication and other awareness and educational resources;
  • development and implementation of strategic communication campaigns; and
  • benchmarking studies or needs assessments.

Eligible applicants include:
An agricultural group registered under the Societies Act, such as an applied research/forage association

  • A commodity group
  • An incorporated not-for-profit organization*, or
  • A recognized (as determined by the Minister) form of rural municipal government in Alberta, including a Municipal District (including a County and Hamlet), a Special Area, a Specialized Municipality or an Improvement District.*

*Please note that any non-agriculture industry groups require collaboration with and support from the agriculture industry.
Deadline: There will be at least 2 submission deadlines per year for this program.

  • The first application submission deadline is estimatedto be Friday, September 28th for projects that will begin in the fall/winter of the 2018-19 fiscal year. **Please check this website regularly for submission deadline updates**
  • The second application submission deadline is estimated to be Thursday, November 15thfor projects that will begin in the 2019-2020 fiscal year. **Please check this website regularly for submission deadline updates**

All applicants should be notified of the status of their application within six to eight weeks of the application submission deadline.

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