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This program supports unemployed and marginally employed individuals who have a viable business idea and require additional training to facilitate entry into self-employment. If you are unemployed, you could get self-employment training, continue to receive benefits, and get additional assistance for training and living expenses for up to 26 weeks. The objectives of the Self-Employment program are:

o      To assist unemployed and marginally employed Albertans to create employment opportunities for themselves

o      To create additional employment opportunities in the community that might not otherwise be available


To qualify for this program, individuals must:

o      Have a viable business concept for starting a new business or taking over an existing business where they didn’t have prior ownership

o      Have the capital or access to capital needed to start and operate their business

o      Have the personal attributes to be successful entrepreneurs (i.e. self-motivated, risk taker and perseverance, good organizational skills)

o      Have the skills and knowledge of the products or services pertaining to their new business

Eligible Expenses:

o      Training costs and supplemental benefits

o      Individuals participating in the Self-Employment program may be eligible for Income Support to cover living costs while in training

Deadline: Ongoing

Contact: Career Information Hotline | 780-422-4266


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