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In Budget 2016, the government made a down payment on future growth by making immediate investments of $11.9 billion in public transit, green infrastructure and social infrastructure. The Fall Economic Statement proposes an additional $81 billion through to 2027–28 in public transit, green and social infrastructure, transportation infrastructure that supports trade, and rural and northern communities. The government will also establish the new Canada Infrastructure Bank, an arm’s-length organization dedicated to increasing investment in growth-oriented infrastructure, transforming the way infrastructure is planned, funded and delivered across the country.

Taking into account existing infrastructure programs, new investments made in Budget 2016 and the additional investments contained in the Fall Economic Statement, the government will be investing more than $180 billion.

Social Infrastructure: Better Neighbourhoods for Our Kids—$21.9 Billion Over 11 Years

Investing in Canada’s communities is not only about creating good jobs and encouraging clean economic growth. It is also about building stronger, more inclusive communities and improving the quality of life of the middle class and those working hard to join it. Investments in social infrastructure will focus on affordable housing and homelessness prevention, early learning and child care, and cultural and recreational infrastructure. These investments will strengthen the middle class, improve socio-economic outcomes and foster economic growth by lifting more Canadians out of poverty.

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