Training-on-the-Job (TOJ) Program | Workers Compensation Board (WCB)

Value: Varies. A percentage of the salary will be reimbursed during the training period. These amounts would be negotiated with the case manager or service provider.


The Training-on-the-Job (TOJ) program is an incentive for employers to get financial assistance for employee training. The program is designed to help people return to work. The goal is to have the new worker learn about the company and their new job. You and your worker can both benefit using TOJ. Your worker develops skills and gains work experience while you receive financial assistance from WCB during the training period. Other benefits include:

  • Access to a skilled employment pool
  • Save time with pre-screening and recruitment
  • Save money on training costs/wages during the training period
  • Protection for the costs of any injury or re-injury that might occur during a TOJ program
  • You will have a fully-trained staff member who will contribute to the company


WCB account must be paid up to date.

Deadline: Ongoing

Contact: Workers Compensation Board – Alberta | 1-866-922-9221




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