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Value: Varies


The Work Integration Contract measure facilitates the hiring and retention of a disabled person in a standard workplace. More generally, it promotes equal access to the labor market for persons with disabilities.

The measure reimburses the employer for certain expenses necessary for the integration or maintenance of disabled persons. The employer must provide the supervision required by the person and collaborate in the follow-up of his file.



All types of businesses operating in Québec.


The position must be a vacant or newly created position, temporary or permanent, in a standard workplace. The work schedule can be:

  • Full time (maximum 40 hours per week)
  • Part-time, depending on the potential of the disabled person and the needs of the employer (minimum of 12 hours per week)

Eligible Expenses:

  • Salary support to compensate for the lack of disabled person’s productivity and additional supervision required by its functional disabilities
  • Coverage of certain additional expenses, for example to make the workplace accessible or to adapt the workstation of the person hired

Deadline: Ongoing

Contact:  Center for placement assistance | 1 866 640-3059 |

Website: http://www.emploiQué

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