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Value: Up to 75% of eligible projects to a maximum of $500,000.


The Youth Take Charge Program aims to strengthen youth attachment to Canada through engagement. Our key expected results include youth being engaged in communities and aware of the importance of being an active and engaged citizen. In this context, youth is defined as individuals between 7 and 30 years of age. We support organizations delivering youth-led projects that exemplify the ability to strengthen youth attachment to Canada and involve activities in one or more of four thematic areas:

Arts and culture

Civic engagement and youth service

Economic activities

History and heritage


A Canadian registered not-for-profit organization

A Canadian registered charitable group

An Indigenous representative organization

Have a minimum of three years of experience in serving youth on a significant national or provincial/territorial scale. This is defined by a number of factors, such as:

    1. Geographic reach: your activities reach beyond your immediate regional community
    2. Demographic impact: you directly engage a significant number of youth on an annual basis

Have adequate security and safety policies and procedures in place demonstrating the nature and length of your experience in delivering youth programs

Eligible Expenses:

Promotion and communication

Youth participant training

Volunteer support



Professional consultant fees directly related to project delivery

Artists and performers

Event / venues

Special measures expenses related to accessibility for youth participants with disabilities

Administration expenses

Deadline: Currently closed. Future deadline September 2018.

Contact: Department of Canadian Heritage | 819-997-0055 |


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