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Value: Maximum $2,500


This program invests in professional development opportunities for individual professional artists1 in Calgary2, allowing them to take advantage of short-term opportunities that will develop their careers.


A professional artist (adapted from the Canada Council for the Arts) who:

o      Has specialized training in the artistic field (not necessarily in academic institutions)

o      Is recognized as a professional by their peers (artists working in the same artistic tradition)

o      Is committed to devoting time to artistic activity

o      Has had at least one presentation or publication within a professional context

What defines a professional context can be different for all disciplines; generally speaking this does not include:

o      Work within a degree-granting program

o      Presentations or publications of a university or post-secondary institution

We welcome applications from those working in all artistic disciplines and their various cultural forms, including: Indigenous arts; circus arts; curation; dance; deaf and disability arts; digital arts; literature; film and media arts; multidisciplinary practice; music and sound; theatre; and visual arts.

Eligible Expenses:

o      Fees for registration, or for program materials

o      Professional fees and services

o      Reasonably priced accommodations outside of Calgary

o      Costs to prepare existing work for presentation

o      Per diems for food, transit, transportation

o      Child care

Deadline: November 6, 2017

Contact: Community Investment | 403.476.2031 |


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