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Alberta Business Grants Ltd.

Hi, I’m David Kincade,

the founder of Alberta Business Grants

I started Alberta Business Grants, a full-service grant writing agency, to help businesses find government grants, meet grant agencies, and write winning applications.


I started my career
by accident…

When I started university, I felt lost. I wasn’t doing well in school and the program I thought I wanted to be in — forestry — just wasn’t for me. Not knowing where to turn, I enrolled in an “Intro to Government & Politics” course, and that’s when my entire life changed.

After finishing my education, I got a job at the legislature as a finance research analyst and executive assistant to Alberta’s Leader of the Official Opposition. Later, I was the executive director in the agriculture sector, dealing with federal, provincial and municipal governments.

That one class led me to many more just like it, and eventually to graduation, where I earned a degree in political science from the University of New Brunswick. After graduating with first-class honours, I went on to get a fully funded Masters Degree in Political Science from Wilfrid Laurier University, where I focused on media and public opinion.

Together, these political jobs gave me exclusive access to high-level meetings with elected officials and government bureaucrats, which allowed me to understand exactly how government grants work, and what it takes to win one.

While working for the legislature, I learned exactly what it takes to win a government grant

For over 10 years, I studied how government works and got first-hand experience how the legislative process works. I studied who wins a grant and who doesn’t. Learning what worked, what didn’t, and how the money flows gave me a unique perspective that I wanted to share with others, which is what inspired me to start Alberta Business Grants.

Since then, I’ve helped companies win over $3.1 million in government grants

Our clients see success because we do more than just write winning grant applications. We understand how the system works and use a proven process that will take you from “how am I going to win this grant?” to “I can’t believe we won!”

Along with winning millions in government grants, I’ve also taught grant writing seminars and have written winning applications for nearly every prestigious business award in Alberta, including:


Over $3.1 million in grant winning applications
for these grants:

  • CAP Value-Added Products to Markets Program
  • Alberta Innovates Product Demonstration Program
  • Alberta Innovates r&D Associates Program
  • Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency
  • CanExport (3x)
  • Alberta Export Support Fund
  • Status of Women
  • Employment and Social Development Canada
  • Family and Community Support Services
  • IRAP
  • Summer Temporary Employment Program
  • Western Economic Diversification
  • Alberta-Canada Job Grant
  • We have also coached winning applications for several others


Wrote the winning applications for these awards:
  • Innovation of the Year
  • Alberta Order of Excellence
  • Alberta Best of Business Award of Distinction
  • Canada’s Top 100 Employers
  • Alberta’s Premier Award of Distinction
  • Alberta’s Small Business Award of Distinction
  • Alberta’s Export Award of Distinction (2x)
  • Food in Canada’s Leadership Awards
  • Business in Edmonton Leaders
  • Business in Calgary Leaders
  • Morinville Medium Business of the Year
  • Paul Krauskopf Community Spirit Award Recipient
  • Alberta Export Award – Agriculture and Consumer Products
  • Deloitte Fast50 Technology Companies
  • EY Entrepreneur of the Year

The “secret sauce” that
makes ABG different
from every grant
agency out there

Background in business and politics

Get guidance from a leader who understands the ins and outs of government and politics, which is key to standing out from your competition.

First-hand experience how government works

When you know exactly what grant agencies are looking for, writing a winning application becomes easier than you ever thought.

Unique process that’s proven to win millions

You can trust that your investment is going to pay off, knowing that we’ve helped businesses like yours win millions in government grants.

Interested in working together?

Please start by filling out the form below. While I only work with a select group of clients, I can always direct you
toward products and resources that fit your unique situation.

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