Don’t let the dread of government grants prevent you from receiving non-repayable money. LAUNCH provides a custom-made strategy that addresses your individual grant needs.

You already know grant money
IS available for YOU!

Get started in grants with LAUNCH

Work directly with David Kincade and his team to start winning government grants. We help with all aspects of your grant journey from finding the right grants to writing compelling grant applications.

You know grants are out there in your space. The only problem is…

  • You don’t have the time or expertise to start wisely
  • You feel overwhelmed by the process, so you never start
  • You’re worried this process is all going to be a huge waste of time and money
  • You haven’t found a trusted Sherpa to get your team started
  • The dread of starting in government grants is real in your organization. Even though you know grants exist for your business, it keeps getting pushed down the priority list, missing important deadlines (then watching your competitors win the money)

How can you possibly run your
business and get your staff
submitting great grant applications?

Guess what?

The dread for starting in grants and the pain of your “industry partners” winning grants is over TODAY.

With LAUNCH we get you and your team started in grants from finding the right grants to writing or editing your grant applications.

  • 1. Begin with a 45 minute 1-on-1 grant needs assessment here
  • 2. Get a grant education so you don not make a costly mistake
  • 3. Receive dozens of grants eligible for your business and get a custom grant calendar
  • 4. Learn who is already getting grants in your space
  • 5. Get ongoing grant support so you don not miss new grants or grant deadlines
  • 6. Have your grant written or edited
  • 7. No confusing commissions – you keep 100% of the grant

Is LAUNCH for you?

LAUNCH is for businesses and not-for-profit organizations eligible for grants.

You are eligible for grants if you are in…

YES – I’m Eligible for the LAUNCH

  • Academic Institutions
  • Arts & Culture
  • Financial Institutions (Banks to Venture Capitalists)
  • Business in agriculture, environment, export technology
  • Health innovation
  • Indigenous Organization
  • Media (films, magazines, digital publications)
  • Mining
  • Municipalities
  • Service Providers (Government-funded)

NO – I’m not Eligible for the LAUNCH

  • Individuals
  • Startups in non-grant sectors
  • Retail businesses
  • Traditional “brick and mortar” businesses

What our clients say

We absolutely love our subscription to the Alberta Gazette! While we've only been subscribed for a few months, we can certainly recognize the value of such membership; our team is small and having this delivered to my mailbox twice a month is a fantastic value, as it would take many hours to do research and find out this information on my own. I know that there will be many funding opportunities for us over the next several months through Alberta Grant Gazette!

Jelena Bojic Director, Community Relations Concordia University of Edmonton

Prior to working with David Kincade at Alberta Business Grants, we knew our business could qualify for grants. Since we are focused on growing our business, we didn’t have the time or resources internally to research and apply for grant funding. Thankfully we were introduced to David Kincade by one of our customers. David is a grant expert and tremendous talent. Alberta Business Grants prepared a VIP grant package with significant opportunities, and David helped prepare our Meeting Preparation Package. We are now able to tell our project investment case to grant agencies in a clear and compelling way. If you are looking to win a grant, David Kincade is the best in the business.


“ABG has helped us create a solid foundation for our grant applications that we trust to refer back to. The gazette in particular is a great resource to have, as it acts like an extension of our team.”

Patrick Walther co-CEO AGvisorPRO Inc

Meet Dave — the guy who’s won over $3.3 million in grants, in some of the most competitive grant categories

founder of Alberta
Business Grants

Hi, I’m David Kincade, founder of Alberta Business Grants.

You’re probably here because you’re frustrated with the grant process — from finding grants that are right for you to filling out the application on time.

But I’m here to tell you that grant writing doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, complex process that ends with you losing

out on money (and pulling out your hair, as a result).

When you download The Ultimate Guide to Winning Government Grants, you’ll dramatically increase your grant knowledge. The intention of the book is to be “the first step” in your grant journey, but as the tips grew more and more (became 100), it really has insight I’ve gained over 15 years in grants at ALL STAGES of the grant process. When you are done reading this guide, you will have a clear “Yes” or “No” to continue with grants.

The goal is to save you countless hours.

You’ll get access to my best tips, a grant writing expert with a background in politics and public relations, which will give you the competitive advantage you need to win the most coveted grants.

You already know grant money
IS available for YOU!

Get started in grants with LAUNCH

Don’t let the dread of government grants prevent you from receiving non-repayable money. Start working with the best in the business today!

Clients Who Trust The LAUNCH

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the LAUNCH work?

A. STEP 1: Send us your grant needs by filling out this grant needs assessment:

STEP 2: If you qualify for grants, you will be invited to a meeting to review your results. Free resources are provided to those who do not qualify for grants.

STEP 3: Based on your grant needs, a custom plan will be designed and proposed to your team for approval.

Q. What sectors do you provide LAUNCH?
A. Agriculture, Arts & Culture, Employee, Environment/Cleantech, Export, Indigenous, Non-Profit, Municipalities, Post Secondary, and Technology. See the Table above “Is LAUNCH for you” for more information?
Q. How much does LAUNCH cost?
A. Launch is custom designed and priced to meet your exact grant needs.
Q. What is the purpose of LAUNCH?
A. To get you and your team winning government grants with the help of a grant writing expert. David has won nearly every competitive grant competition in the country, including some of the most competitive competitions.
Q. I’m starting a business. Will the Alberta Grant Gazette help me?
A. Only if you are getting into a specific grant sector like the environment, technology, or agriculture. Grants do go to “pre-revenue” companies in the innovation space. Please note if you don’t have any resources to hire a consultant, you can get read these free starting a business grant resources.

You already know grant money
IS available for YOU!

Get started in government grants with LAUNCH.

Winning grants can be a huge waste of time and money if you don’t work with an expert in the grant space. When you work with ABG, you get a solution to your exact grant needs – from finding the right grants to writing a compelling grant application.