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Alberta Business Grants Ltd.

Advanced Grant Writing Course

A proven process for winning government grants.

Next class begins online September 25, 2024 at 9am MST. Sign up today to receive assistance with a training grant.  

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Attention Grant Seekers!

This Advanced Grant Writing Course teaches you the skills and strategies to secure government grants for your projects. Many students use training grants to cover a significant portion of the tuition, allowing them to invest in this valuable skill set.

Course Structure:

  • Weekly Zoom sessions (Wednesdays, 9 AM – 11 AM MST) with live instructor interaction.
  • 14+ hours of on-demand content and resources accessible for a year after the course ends.
  • Personalized support: I’m available to answer your questions beyond class hours (details provided upon enrolment).


Stand Out From the Crowd:

This comprehensive program goes beyond introductory courses, equipping you with advanced grant writing expertise. Invest in a skill that can unlock funding for your business or community initiative.

Ready to take the next step?

Contact us to learn more about winning a training grant and securing your spot in the upcoming session.


David's grant writing course was amazing

“David’s grant writing course was amazing. I learned the process of winning grants and how to complete the process efficiently. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to offer grant writing as a service or who wants to win grants for your own business. “

Sasha Wallach, Professional Grant Writer


Contact us for more information

Next class begins on September 25, 2024 at 9am MST. If you want to win a training grant for this course, we need to submit your training grant 30 days before the course starts. Call 1-780-297-6177 or fill out the form below, and we will help you apply.

21 hours of live-trainer interaction and more

In addition to the 21 hours of live-interaction teaching, students have several additional tools to write and build their own (or their client’s) master grant application:

  • 24/7 online portal 
  • Office hours outside of the live training
  • Checklists and standard operating procedures
  • A VIP Grant Calendar
  • Expert guest speakers
  • Do you want to learn from someone who has successfully gone before you?


    David Kincade


    David’s background includes 12 years as a successful grant writer totalling over $10 million in wins. He has written several winning applications for agriculture, environment, economic, employees, export, municipalities, and technology. He is the author of The Ultimate Guide for Winning Government Grants: 100 Golden Grant Rules.

    Prior to Alberta Business Grants, David worked for four years at the Legislative Assembly of Alberta as a finance research analyst and executive assistant to the leader of the official opposition. He has taught political science students at the University of British Columbia, Wilfrid Laurier University, Grant MacEwan University, and the University of New Brunswick.

    David holds a Master’s degree in Canadian Politics specializing in media and public opinion. His students have won over $26 million in grants and counting.

    A process that works

    Work in a structured format with the instructor and other bright students for 21 hours of live training.

    Get your “grant legs” over the 12 weeks and win grants. 

    “There is gold in this course for you."

    “Lots of us have great ideas but do not know where to look to access grant funding to bring those ideas to reality. David has a methodical, effective way of guiding you through the process of finding and writing grants. I have previously written many grant applications, but David's course has provided me with a roadmap to make my grant writing even more successful. For those just starting their grant writing journey, there is gold in this course for you. Thank you David!"
    John Paton, Executive Director, Alberta Schools' Athletic Association.
    John Paton
    Executive Director, Alberta Schools' Athletic Association.


    Training Grants Available! 66%-100% off!

    $CDN 5,000
    • VIP Grant Package
    • Expert guest speakers
    • 12 Additional office hours
    • Advanced Grant Writing Certificate
    • 21 Hours of live interaction training
    • 24/7 Access to course portal for 365 days after the course ends

    Student Results!

    “In the 12 weeks while doing this course, I wrote and won $173,000”

    My name is Candice Stevenson, and I’m 39-year-old wife and mother of two. I live in a very small rural community. I am secretary for two agricultural committees, library manger, work a couple causal positions and teach the preschool course at our school. I started dabbling in grants in 2019, mostly because I wanted a new playground at our community hall, and we couldn’t afford it.

    In a little over four years, I won almost $400,000. I was paying for subscriptions for grant websites, taking on-line 101 sort of say courses and scrolling for hours to find grants. When I came across David Kincade’s newsletter the Alberta Grant Gazette. I signed up for his email. After reading these emails for a while, I saw there was an advanced grant writing course. I felt like I had outgrown all the 101 course and free online tips and tricks. I wasn’t sold on it; I was intimated about the “advanced” part in the title. I was nervous but after thinking about it I decided to take the first step and emailed David just to see what it was about.

    After having to cancel the first few meetings, we had a zoom call that lasted for over an hr. I was so amazed at his remarkable enthusiasm for grants and his extensive knowledge was astounding. After talking to him, it truly reignited my passion and put aside any fears I had. He explained how the course would work. Even with my busy my schedule, it worked. It was two hours a week for 12 weeks, over zoom meetings.

    I don’t know why I was ever scared of the advanced part. I wish I had taken this course right from the start as it would have saved me so many mistakes and so much time. The course just brought everything together. The funny this is, it took me over 4 years to win almost $400,000 but in the 12 weeks while doing that course, I wrote and won $173,000, that’s almost half of what I won in 4 years!

    I never felt like it was over my head while I was taking it. David was always there to help; he consistently demonstrated his knowledge and critical thinking skills all while being a natural leader.

    Another advantage from this course besides David himself, was the connections I made, and the ideas I got from the other students and guest speakers. It really made me step outside the box.

    When I took the course our Agriculture Society paid for 90% of the course and I will pay the other 10% as it’s under leadership and training.

    I highly recommend taking this course, whether you’re just starting out or if you have been writing for a while. This course is an invaluable addition to every level. My grant writing is cleaner, my asks are clearer, and I am finally confident in what I was doing!”

    Candice Stevenson

    Grant Writer

    “A personal investment in our mission.”

    “I cannot express how much the streamlined grant writing process has helped me as a busy leader. With the implementation of the 2-step process with my colleague, I was able to confidently engage stakeholders and prepare meeting packages without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of grants available. This process has not only allowed me to focus on other business priorities but has also given me the confidence to write grants for future growth and resiliency. I highly recommend this process to anyone who wants to make grant writing less daunting and more future focused.

    Thanks to David, this year we have been successful in over $100,000 in program grants and have more than doubled our CORE operating funding. We will be forever thankful for Alberta Business Grants. You brought us a light in our darkest time.”

    Mallory Seely

    Executive Director of First Steps Housing Project Inc.

    “100% grant applicant success rate”

    “I took the Advanced Grant Writing Course in Spring of 2022. Before taking the course, many startup founders have told me not to waste time with grants because of the tedious and time-draining process.  However, taking the course was a game change for me personally and Awele because David made it very straightforward and easily applicable. Although the cost of the course is very worth it, David also helped us secure a grant to pay for a significant cost of the course. Since completing the course 8 months ago, we already secured over $75,000 in Grants till date with 100% grant applicant success rate. We look forward to securing over $100,000 additional grants money.” 

    Dr. Godfrey Okeke, PhD

    Founder/CEO – Awele Technologies Inc

    “The course exceeded my expectations”

    “I recently completed the Advance Grant Writing Course with David Kincade, and I am beyond thrilled with the results. The course exceeded my expectations in every way possible providing in depth knowledge and understanding of how to organize and bring your Grant applications to the forefront. David was not only an expert in the field but also a great mentor for our entire group. He provided efficient workflow templates, informative videos, and invited guest speakers who delineated this course’s significance. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to enhance their understanding of what it really takes to apply for and win Grants!”

    Amber Sutton Town of Strathmore

    Amber Sutton Town of Strathmore

    Finance Administrative Assistant, Town of Strathmore

    “We won 3 employment related grants.”

    “When I started this course I had been working with an organization putting together grant applications along with general administrative tasks. The applications were submitted by the client. While working on this course I have now submitted more than one grant. We won 3 employment related grants. One of the agencies came back to us when they had more money to give out. This course taught me a lot about the processes and procedures when putting together an application.”

    September 2023 Graduate

    “David is a library of knowledge”

    “An amazing course, many tools to use now to be able to build on applying for grants including, knowing what to look for to win those grants. David is a library of knowledge and will share all of it when anyone needs help.

    Thank you for this opportunity."

    Bobby Brochu

    c/o Paradise Acres Ranch

    “Given me greater confidence ”

    “This course has not only provided me with more tools to further my grant writing but has also given me greater confidence in the grants I have already written and am waiting for results on.

    Charles Redeker

    Veterans Association Food Bank

    “The core values of trustworthiness and excellence make this course unique." ”

    “Having written grants for many years, it was time for me to "level up" and this course helped me hone my skills in project planning, writing more effectively, and building better relationships with funders."

    Kristina Larkin

    YMCA of Lethbridge

    Student Testimonial

    Ideal Students

    • People who want to write grants for others.
    • Employees at businesses or not-for-profit organizations in grant eligible sectors. See the list on this page for grant sectors.
    • Entrepreneurs who want to write grants for their customers – to buy the entrepreneur’s products or services.
    • Ideal students have some grant experience. This course is NOT a 101 introduction to grants.

    Course Syllabus and Training Details

    Week One:

    • Grant Fundamentals.

    Gain an understanding for which documents, information, and resources are critical to succeed in grant applications. Learn to engage and identify stakeholders in a way that builds trust.

    Week Two:

    • Project Management I

    Most grants fund projects, not general operations. Learn how to build clear and concise project plans, including objectives, anticipated outcomes, and deliverables. Large grants require business plans and financials. Learn to build business plans by leveraging grant application content.

    Week Three:

    • Finding Grants I

    Learn how to efficiently and effectively find grants that fit your business. Become proficient at identifying and tracking government grants.

    Week Four:

    • Finding Grants II

     In this working session, students will find and review their top grants. Once this class is complete, students will have a grant calendar for their organization.

    Week Five:

    • Project Management II

    Most grants fund projects, not general operations. Learn how to build clear and concise project plans, including objectives, anticipated outcomes, and deliverables. Large grants require business plans and financials. Learn to build business plans by leveraging grant application content.

    Week Six:

    • Meeting Preparation

    Learn the steps and skills required when it comes to meeting with grant agencies and building trust. Create a meeting preparation template to ensure the most important questions are asked before you meet with the agency.

    Week Seven:

    • Technology Roadmap

    Grants require are clear technology path forward from conception to commercialization. Gain an understanding of technical details, communicating with technical teams, and which questions to ask. These answers can be integrated in the grant application. This method saves hours of time and strengthens a team.

    Week Eight:

    • Writing to Win I

    Learn from a proven grant writer who has won multiple applications for millions of dollars.  After taking this class, you will know how to write answers that win. Students are shown several different tactics for writing exceptional answers.

    Week Nine:

    • Writing to Win II

    You need to answer questions in ways that help the grant agency achieve its goals. Learn to write exceptional answers that build trust, save time, and get points. Students learn from the instructor and their classmates.

    Week Ten:

    • Risks & Mitigation.

    Governments want to mitigate risk. Learn how to communicate with risk-adverse grant agency staff. Our team has developed extensive checklists to ensure you are planning for risks that your business and project faces. You will have access to our draft answers and research to develop your own responses.

    Week Eleven:

    • Economic Impacts

    Grants are government money, and governments have economic goals. Learn how to communicate your economic impact in your grant applications. Leverage our government research content to present your application in the strongest position.

    Week Twelve:

    • Bringing it all together

    Students have gained the skills required to write a high-quality grant application, faster. In this class, students update and finalize the most critical aspects of their grant application. This class summarizes the most important aspects of the course.

    Online in Portal:

    • Intellectual Property

    Nearly every grant application asks multiple questions about patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Learn to leverage exceptional resources to build great answers, save time, and reduce risk. Templates are available to assist students.

    Online in Portal:

    • Marketing Overview

    Learn how to think like a grant agency when it comes to marking. Draft thorough and compelling answers to the most common marketing questions.

    Other course details


    • Trainer Instructional Hours: 21
    • Class runs weekly from 9am-11:00am MST for 12 weeks
    • 15-minute break in each class

    Dates of Training

    • Begin: September 25, 2024. End: December 11, 2024

    Course Title:

    • Advanced Grant Writing Course

    Delivery Method:

    • Online


    • Advanced Grant Writing Certificate awarded at the end of class

    Provider Name:

    • Alberta Business Grants Ltd.

    Provider Type

    • Private Trainer

    Mailing Address:

    • PO Box 88051
      Rabbit Hill Post Office
      Edmonton, Alberta T6R 0M5

    Phone Number:

    • 780-297-6177




    • $5,000 plus GST
      In Alberta, you can apply for a grant to cover up to 2/3 or 100% of the course tuition. Using the course syllabus, you can apply to the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. See your provincial training grant to see if you qualify.

    More Information

    • Ask up about possible training grants


    “You found the best”

    “I’ve known and worked with David for years. He is an expert at government grants, political process, and business awards. If you’re trying to secure government funding, you found the best.”


    2016 Exporter of the Year & Premier’s Award of Distinction Winner

    “Completed more grants by far than his costs.”

    “I have worked with David Kincade over the past year and find him both high integrity and very knowledgeable. David told us what he would do, when, and delivered every time. Uncommon in today’s world, so I highly recommend him. He has completed more grants by far than his costs.”

    EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017™ CleanTech/Environment

    “Head and shoulders above the rest”

    “I’ve known David for several years. He is hard-working, organized and brilliant at securing government funding and winning awards. He has helped us build relationships with key stakeholders and win large government grants. If you’re trying to secure government funding, he is head and shoulders above the rest anyone else we have worked with.”


    2017 Alberta Small Business Award of Distinction, 2017 Innovation of the Year – AIRMILES Small Business Achievement Awards, and 2016 Alberta Export Award of Distinction

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