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Businesses who had questions about grants and then either won or received tremendous value before they wrote.

“Suggested several tips…and we won!”

“5Blue Process Equipment Inc. provides the oil and gas processing industry with high quality, custom engineered products worldwide. Our first attempt at an export grant by ourselves didn’t work, so we had one of our staff attend David’s grant writing seminar. David reviewed our paperwork and suggested several tips. When we resubmitted our application, we won. We definitely got value out of his grant writing seminar and recommend it to anyone applying for grants.”

Kelly Smith P.Eng.,

Founding Member and President of 5Blue Processing Equipment Inc.

“Exceeded my/our expectations 1000 x over.”

“Oh my gosh [your talk to my class] exceeded my/our expectations 1000 x over. You are so amazing at this David!!! What a gift and the students LOVED you!!”

Laura Ell,

Mount Royal University

“I highly recommend working with David.”

“The topic of Government Grants can be so overwhelming and a true time suck for many entrepreneurs. David did an amazing job of explaining the rational behind government grants and the types of grants most readily available to entrepreneurs. He took the time to answer individual questions. I highly recommend working with David.”

Cecile Wendlandt

NAIT Mawji Centre for New Venture and Student Entrepreneurship

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