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Win your grant with our proven 3-step method

With the right information and strategy, anyone can win a government grant. Learn more about how our 3-step method works by reading below.

Before we go further,
ask yourself: “Am I eligible?”

While it’s tempting to dive in and start searching for grants, take a step back and find out if you’re eligible first. To make that easy for you, I’ve listed out the industries where government grants are available:

If your organization does not fall within these industries, that’s okay.
You can still find helpful information and free resources by heading over to our blog and searching topics that are relevant to your organization.

Tier A organizations MILLIONS AVAILABLE!

  • Agriculture
  • Environment
  • Indigenous
  • Technology
  • Non-profit

Tier B organizations Fewer grants, but highly valuable!

  • Affordable Housing
  • Arts & Culture
  • Employment
    (hiring, recent graduates, or training grants)
  • Export
  • Infrastructure
  • Media
    (films, magazines, digital publications)
  • Mining
  • Municipality grants

I’m eligible! What’s next?

If you’ve determined that you’re eligible for government grants, congratulations! It’s time for you to move on to
Step 1: Finding the right grants.

Step 1: Find the right grants


Before you can win any money, you need to find the grants that you’re eligible for.
But how do you find those grants? And how do you know they’re the right ones for your project?

This is where Grant Database comes in.

Our database contains over 700 of the most up-to-date grants across a dozen industries. Every grant has been certified authentic and reformatted for easy access and comprehension.

Using the database will save you weeks of searching and hours of frustration. Plus, you’ll have access to every possible grant, ensuring you’re not missing out on any money.

Regardless of whether or not you use our Grant Database, here are a few things to remember when searching for grants:

  • ✓The number of grants you’re eligible for will depend on your industry
  • ✓Only apply for grants that are an exact match for your project and organization
  • ✓Stay on top of any changes in government agencies and grant names
  • ✓Keep track of deadlines, as they’re constantly changing

To learn more about our services and products related to finding grants, please click here.

Step 2: Prepare for your meeting with the grant agency


Meeting with the grant agency is like being on an episode of Shark Tank.

If you go into the meeting with the right pitch and approach, you’ll wow the judges and improve your chances of winning money. But if you decide to wing it (which is what 95% of applicants do), you’ll get eaten alive.

To avoid becoming shark bait, we recommend using our proprietary approach, which will put you light years ahead of the competition.

Within our meeting preparation package, you’ll get our 15-step process that prepares for your meeting, including step-by-step directions, email templates, phone scripts, examples of successful pitches, and more.

Whether you decide to use our approach or not, here are a few questions to ask yourself before meeting with the grant agency:

  • ✓Who is my audience and how can I best communicate with them?
  • ✓Can I explain my pitch in plain English?
  • ✓Am I prepared to answer in-depth questions about my project?
  • ✓Do I have a clear idea of how I’m going to spend the grant money?

To learn more about our services and products related to meeting with the grant agency, please click here.

Step 3: Write a winning application


Once you have the right grants, it’s time to craft a winning application. The only problem is…

  • You don’t have the time
  • You’re not a natural writer
  • Your writing style is too technical
  • This isn’t your area of expertise and you feel overwhelmed

You can’t delegate the task, but you may not have the budget to hire someone to write it for you, either.

In these cases, we offer a “hybrid” approach, where you write the application (with guidance from our team) and we’ll edit whatever you come up with, ensuring it’s the best it can be.

Finally, if you don’t have the time, patience, or skill to write a winning application, we offer a VIP option, where we do everything for you. All you have to do is wait for the money to roll in!

No matter what you decide, here are a few questions to keep in mind before submitting your application:

  • ✓Is my writing too technical?
  • ✓Is my application easy to understand?
  • ✓Am I writing in the correct tense?
  • ✓Did I double-check all of the information and deadlines?

To learn more about our services and products related to grant writing, please click here.

Experienced entrepreneurs who started with little-to-no grant experience are thrilled they chose ABG



“Honest and transparent. 100% recommend.”

“Prior to working with Alberta Business Grants, I had no experience in grants. I wasn’t sure what grants we qualified for, who we should meet, and I didn’t have the time or in-house expertise to submit a quality grant application. Having worked with David Kincade at Alberta Business Grants, I can honestly say I am grateful to have found a grant expert. He really managed my time commitment, was honest and transparent, and now our business has an oppurtunity to grow and expand even faster. 100% recommend!”

Dorene Bateman, President, Tri-c Inductrial Supply


“Grant expert and tremendous talent”

Prior to working with David Kincade at Alberta Business Grants, we knew our business could qualify for grants. Since we are focused on growing our business, we didn’t have the time or resources internally to research and apply for grant funding. Thankfully we were introduced to David Kincade by one of our customers. David is a grant expert and tremendous talent. Alberta Business Grants prepared a VIP grant package with significant opportunities, and David helped prepare our Meeting Preparation Package. We are now able to tell our project investment case to grant agencies in a clear and compelling way. If you are looking to win a grant, David Kincade is the best in the business.

Ronald Russ, President & CEO Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer Rail-Veyor Technologies Global Inc.


“Went above and beyond”

“Northern Silica Corporation is a Western Canadian mining company with operations in Alberta and British Columbia. As our organization is committed to responsible and sustainable mining, we wanted to learn if any grant funding was available for our organization. Enter Alberta Business Grants. After checking his references, we retained Alberta Business Grants and David Kincade. Our entire team is truly impressed with David’s positive energy, writing skills, and grant knowledge. He went above and beyond to make sure we were prepared for our grant agency meeting, and the meeting went great.

Reid MacDonald, President & Chief Executive Officer, Northern Silica Corporation

There IS grant money waiting for YOU!

BUT if you step in a “grant trap,” your application is a NO! Learn the FIVE most common errors to AVOID in government grants! Get the 5 Grant Gotchas now to save you countless hours.

  • There is grant money waiting for YOU!

    BUT if you step in a “grant trap,” your application is a NO! Learn the FIVE most common errors to AVOID in government grants! Get the 5 Grant Gotchas now to save you countless hours.
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