Alberta Grant Gazette | September Preview


It was late 2003 and I was in trouble. I took a job (my first after getting my master’s degree) at a market research firm in Ottawa. At the end of one day, the boss called me into his office. I was let go. I went home and called my sister Kendra Kincade. “You [...]

27 Alberta Agricultural Grants & Secret Sauce


This blog addresses the following topics: Why agriculture is the best industry for grants 27 agriculture grants presented (in the same format so it’s easy to understand!) Top-secret grant-winning sauce Other Agriculture resources Do grants exist in agriculture? Yes Are there many? Yes. Where are they? Further down this blog. Agriculture is the All-You-Can-Eat [...]

List of Government Grants Now Available Online – Complimentary

2019-02-10T16:41:45+00:00 Are you looking for government grants? If yes keep reading. If not stop now this post isn’t for you. Where can you find them? Further down this blog. Why is it difficult and exhausting to find grants? Because some grants come from municipal, provincial, federal, and even corporations. Shouldn’t the government provide [...]

Musician Government Grants For Writing and Recording

2018-12-31T16:42:37+00:00 Session fees Notice some different grant agencies at play Next Grant Writing Seminar is November 23 in Edmonton. Check out the video testimonials from past students here: sold out. Join Waitlist for next seminar or if someone cancels.  I attended the Elevate Aviation Fundraising Gala a few weeks ago. A local artist [...]

How To Work With A Grant Writer


Hi Everybody, Hope your week is off to a great start. This week I am going to share with you a useful conversation that I had with Anne (not her real name) who is working with a grant writer.  I want to provide you with a couple of helpful tips. Don’t Wait! Download our "Three Steps to Winning a Government Grant" PDF here - ​"Dave, so that we don't mess things up, will you meet my grant writer and I?" “Sure,” I said. Anne shared the [...]

Alberta Equipment Grants


Certain sectors get these more than others: agriculture, environment, technology If you’re not in those sectors, check this out or bail all together on looking for an equipment grant: Next Grant Writing Seminar is November 23 in Edmonton. Check out the video testimonials from past students here: I should have written this [...]



THE POWER OF… • Training • Self-Discipline • Next Grant Writing Seminar is November 23 in Edmonton. Four seats are gone. Only 11 left. Enrol asap if you are interested Howdy Everyone! This week I want to talk about Alberta government grants, growing your business, and some personal stuff. On the grant front, I’m [...]



Debt and crisis The ultimate first grant, and how it works Two cohorts left: October & January APPLY FOR A GRANT NOW. ATTEND A WRITING WORKSHOP IN AUGUST: LEARN MORE Back in May 2018, the Bank of Canada Governor, Stephen Poloz, made a speech to the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce. I want to share his [...]



Yes, they’re brutal They’re worth it My proprietary grant writing process is a gift for you Got some good news this week. I helped a client win a competitive Western Economic Diversification (WED) competition. Sadly, it was a loan (a very favourable one), but it’s still rewarding to win. The “L” word is a [...]