Are you looking for government grants?

If yes keep reading. If not stop now this post isn’t for you.

Where can you find them?

Further down this blog.

Why is it difficult and exhausting to find grants?

Because some grants come from municipal, provincial, federal, and even corporations.

Shouldn’t the government provide this resource for free?

Actually they do the best they can, but the complexity and speed at which grants open and close is faster than the speed of any bureaucracy. Fair enough.

Some Truths About Small Business Grants in Alberta

Few grants exist for start-up business, but a few do exist. If you’re starting a business, you should stop wasting your time looking for grants. Just read this post. I include them there.

So, who does qualify for grants?

To make that easy for you, I’ve listed out the industries where government grants are available:

Tier A organizations — Millions available.

  • Agriculture
  • Environment
  • Indigenous
  • Technology
  • Non-profit

Tier B organizations — Fewer grants, but highly valuable.

  • Affordable Housing
  • Arts & Culture
  • Employment (hiring, recent graduates, or training grants)
  • Export
  • Infrastructure
  • Media (films, magazines, digital publications)
  • Mining
  • Municipality grants

How can you find them in an easy way?

I started building a list of Alberta government grants in 2012. That is when I started writing grants professionally, and finding grants back then was really challenging.

Well, in 2018 I moved my grant database on my website – for FREE.

That means you can find over 700 sources of FREE funding online 24/7 365 days a year.

I admit it’s not perfect yet, but it’s pretty good. It will save you time.


  1. Search for grants for free. If your time is more valuable than spending four hours searching for grants, Alberta Business Grants (ABG) can provide this service VIP. Email
  2. Once you found your #1 grant, you need to speak with the grant agency. You can “wing it” or you can have ABG help you VIP.
  3. Once you pass the GO/NO milestone with the grant agency, you are ready to write. You can write it yourself, or you can get coached or have the grant written VIP by ABG.

Back to the database. If people start using it and want more features, I’ll likely invest more resources in it. If you have any feedback (positive or negative), I welcome your thoughts. You can contact my here:

Have a great day!

David Kincade

Start searching for grants here: