CanmetENERGY | Natural Resources Canada

Location: Ottawa, Ontario


CanmetENERGY engages in research and development in the areas of energy efficiency, clean fossil fuels, and renewable and alternative energy sources. Our goal is to ensure that Canada is at the leading edge of clean energy technology development and greenhouse gas reduction.

With over 230 scientists, engineers, technologists, managers, and support staff, we develop and operate science and technology programs and services, aimed at a low carbon future, and provide scientific and technical expertise in the following areas:

Communities and Infrastructure



Coal and CO2 Capture and Storage

Bio Energy


Industrial Processes


Characterization Laboratory

Our scientific expertise, honed across a wide range of Canadian and international industry segments, along with our pilot-scale facilities, help to accelerate the advancement of clean energy technologies throughout the innovation cycle, from the initial research stage through to commercialization.

We foster a broad range of successful research partnerships with manufacturers, academia, planners, builders, and all levels of government, by working collaboratively to identify, test, and innovate products and processes beneficial to the lives of Canadians.

Contact: CanmetENERGY | 1-855-879-1211 |


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