Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS) – Aboriginal Homelessness Stream | Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

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Value: Varies Description: The Innovative Solutions to Homelessness funding stream is delivered nationally and supports the development of innovative approaches to reducing homelessness. Funding can be used to support activities in three key areas: community-based innovative projects to reduce homelessness and/or the cost of homelessness; building strategic partnerships with key stakeholders; and testing and/or [...]

Museums Assistance Program (MAP) – Aboriginal Heritage | Department of Canadian Heritage

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Value: Up to 70% of eligible expenses to a maximum of $200,000. Description: The Museums Assistance Program (MAP) supports heritage institutions and workers in the preservation and presentation of heritage collections. The program fosters the preservation of Aboriginal culture and facilitates access to heritage collections for all Canadians. It also promotes professional knowledge, skills [...]

Wage Subsidy Program | Aboriginal Futures

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Value: Varies Description: In partnership with Community Futures Treaty Seven (CFT7), Aboriginal Futures offers a Wage Subsidy program intended to assist First Nations and Inuit people who live in Calgary and the surrounding area secure employment.By providing financial assistance towards the wage of an individual experiencing difficulty finding work, Aboriginal Futures and CFT7 encourage [...]

Skills and Partnership Fund (SPF) | Employment and Social Development Canada

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Value: Varies Description: The Skills and Partnership Fund is a demand-driven, partnership-based program that supports government priorities through strategic partnerships by funding projects contributing to the skills development and training of Indigenous workers for long-term, meaningful employment. Deadline: Currently closed. Future deadline to be determined. Contact: Government of Canada | 1-800-622-6232 Website:

Alberta Indigenous Energy Efficiency (Retrofit) Program (AIEERP) | Alberta Indigenous Relations

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Value: Maximum $1,000,000 Description: The Alberta Indigenous Energy Efficiency (Retrofit) Program (AIEERP) is a grant program that provides funding to improve the energy efficiency of Indigenous community and Indigenous organization-owned buildings. Projects will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, providing energy savings to communities. This grant program will: o      Support Indigenous communities and organizations to [...]

Aboriginal Training to Employment Program (ATEP) | Alberta Human Services

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Value: Varies. Aboriginal Training to Employment Program is a full-time training program with a minimum of 3 weeks to a maximum of 52 weeks in duration. Description: The Aboriginal Training to Employment Program (ATEP) is a program where Human Services will support the development of partnerships with First Nations, Métis and other Aboriginal communities, [...]

Aboriginal Economic Partnerships Program (AEPP) | Alberta Indigenous Relations

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Value: Maximum $100,000 Description: The Aboriginal Economic Partnerships Program (AEPP) supports Indigenous communities, businesses and organizations to foster economic development and contribute to improved social outcomes for Indigenous Albertans.AEPP primarily supports capacity development through grant funding, though also provides workshops on economic development and related services. Projects must fall into at least one of [...]

Aboriginal Community-Based Training Partnerships Program (ACBTP) | Government of British Columbia

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Value: Varies Description: The ACBTP Program is designed to provide Aboriginal learners with the post-secondary education and training they need to further their education and obtain sustainable employment. Participants who complete programming are expected to obtain sustainable employment or enroll in further education and training that leads to sustainable employment. Eligibility: The ACBTP Program [...]

Aboriginal Business Investment Fund (ABIF) | Alberta Indigenous Relations

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Value: $150,000 - $750,000 Description: Increasing Indigenous participation in Alberta’s economy is a key strategic priority of the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and the Government of Alberta. The Aboriginal Business Investment Fund program is a Government of Alberta approach to improving social and economic outcomes for Indigenous communities by building partnerships and investing in [...]