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Value: Up to 50% leveraged investment by Travel Alberta, up to a maximum reimbursement of $20,000 per application. Organizations may submit applications for up to three individual experiences per fiscal year.


Experience Development Investment supports the growth of Alberta’s tourism industry by investing in the development of new or enhanced export-ready tourism-related experiences. Travel Alberta’s investment will support the development of experiences that are in demand for the international markets and drive an increase in visitation during need periods and in need regions, and increase tourism revenues to the province overall.


Alberta-based tourism industry operators registered in the province who are developing or enhancing an Alberta-based experience that will be offered in the province.

Eligible Expenses:

Interpretive Programing Development

    1. Creative program development
    2. Commentary or scripting and storytelling development
    3. Expenses for a qualified contractor to assist with the development o the experience content
    4. Asset type expenditures such as audio headsets for translation

Brochure and Flat Sheet Design

    1. Design and development of a brochure or flat sheet that articulates and provides sales support of the new experience
    2. Printing brochures

Training Materials

    1. Costs associated with developing a training manual for employees on the new experience

Translation Related to the New Experience

    1. Translation costs for interpretive verbal information on the experience that the guide provides
    2. Scripted delivery of the experience
    3. Safety information and waiver forms
    4. Assets for translated program delivery

Deadline: January 31, 2018. Applications must be submitted a minimum of one month prior to the start date of any marketing activities.

Contact: Christopher Smith | 780-784-0073 | christopher.smith@travelalberta.com

Website: http://industry.travelalberta.com/programs/cooperative-marketing/experience-development-investment

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