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Agricultural Climate Solutions – Living Labs Program

The goal of the Agricultural Climate Solutions Program (ACS) – Living Labs Program is to accelerate co-development, testing, adoption, dissemination and monitoring of technologies and practices, including beneficial management practices (BMPs), that sequester carbon and/or mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The program will consider projects within the following 2 priority areas: Carbon sequestration (for example, cover [...]

AgriInnovate Program

This program provides repayable contributions for projects that aim to accelerate the commercialization, adoption and/or demonstration of innovative products, technologies, processes or services that increase agri-sector competitiveness and sustainability.

FoodTech Next │ Canadian Food Innovation Network (CFIN)

FoodTech Next is a unique funding opportunity for early-stage Canadian technology firms who seek to be part of -- or sell to -- the wider food industry. The program allows companies to demonstrate and pilot their innovation in operational environments to prove their solutions and validate the return on investment for the food sector. [...]

Artificial Intelligence │ Protein Industries Canada

Protein Industries Canada’s artificial intelligence program aims to meet the need for new tools and technologies by co-investing in collaborative projects, comprised of consortia of two or more partner companies, that utilize artificial intelligence to help grow Canada’s plant-based food, feed and ingredients ecosystem.

Agrispirit Fund | Farm Credit Canada (FCC):

Do you have a project that will enhance lives or contribute to sustainability in your rural community? The FCC AgriSpirit Fund may provide between $5,000 to $25,000 to projects that qualify in a city, town or Indigenous community with fewer than 150,000 people. Types of projects we consider: Capital projects – construction or upgrades [...]

Agricultural Clean Technology (ACT) Program

As part of the Government of Canada’s strengthened climate plan, A Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy, the new Agricultural Clean Technology (ACT) Program aims to create an enabling environment for the development and adoption of clean technology that will help drive the changes required to achieve a low-carbon economy and promote sustainable growth in [...]

AgriDiversity Program

AgriDiversity Program aims to help under-represented groups in Canadian agriculture, including youth, women, Indigenous Peoples, and persons with disabilities, to fully participate in the sector by helping these groups address the key issues and barriers they often face for sector participation.

THRIVE Canada Accelerator Program │ SVG Ventures

The THRIVE Canada Accelerator supports early-stage agrifood tech startups from across the value chain whose technologies drive us towards a more efficient, sustainable, and secure agriculture future. Supporting companies across the agrifood value chain, the THRIVE Canada Accelerator places a strong emphasis on companies creating a sustainable future through innovation.

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