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First Nations Environmental Contaminants Program (FNECP)

Indigenous Services Canada provides funding through the First Nations Environmental Contaminants Program (FNECP) to help First Nations communities improve their health. The program supports these communities in identifying, investigating and characterizing the impact of exposure to environmental hazards. Its activities include community-based: research monitoring risk assessment risk communication knowledge integration

Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund

Through the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund (DMAF), the Government of Canada has committed to invest in public infrastructure that mitigates the potential economic, environmental and social impacts of climate change, and strengthens community resilience to disasters triggered by natural hazards and extreme weather events. The DMAF is a national, competitive, and merit-based contribution [...]

Community Policing Grant

The Community Policing Grant will offer up to $30,000 to Indigenous and municipal communities to assist in preparing a business case outlining local needs, capital requirements and transition considerations. This grant formalizes funding that government provided in the past but makes it more accessible to all municipalities and Indigenous communities. In 2018, a separate, [...]

Energy Innovation Program – – Carbon capture, utilization and storage RD&D Call | Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)

Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) provides an important pathway to emissions reductions for energy and industrial activities under conditions where neither electrification nor low carbon fuels are able to provide technically or economically feasible low-carbon solutions. As part of Budget 2021, the government is investing $319 million over seven years into research, development, and [...]

Green and Inclusive Community Buildings │ Infrastructure Canada

The Green and Inclusive Community Buildings (GICB) program aims to build more community buildings and improve existing ones – in particular in areas with populations experiencing higher needs – while also making the buildings more energy efficient, lower carbon, more resilient, and higher performing. This five-year $1.5 billion program will support green and accessible retrofits, [...]

Aboriginal Business Investment Fund (ABIF)

The Aboriginal Business Investment Fund (ABIF) will provide eligible Indigenous community-owned businesses with up to $500,000 in funding for ventures that demonstrate social and economic benefits for their communities. ABIF supports projects that increase: employment opportunities for Indigenous people local revenue streams for Indigenous communities the economies of Indigenous communities

First Nations Enhanced Education Infrastructure Fund

Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) works with First Nations through the Capital Facilities and Maintenfance Program to provide financial and advisory assistance to First Nations in the development of their basic public infrastructure, including education facilities. The Enhanced Education Infrastructure Fund is part of the Capital Facilities and Maintenance Program.

Continuing Care Capital Program

A new continuing care capital program is being launched to increase the number of continuing care spaces in Alberta. The program is comprised of 3 grant-funding streams to: develop continuing care capacity with Indigenous groups and organizations increase continuing care capacity in identified priority communities modernize existing facilities For Indigenous peoples, wherever they live, this [...]

Residential schools memorial

The Residential Schools Memorial Advisory Panel was established to develop a vision for the memorial with consultation from Indigenous communities, review eligible artist submissions and recommend an artist to create the memorial. Indigenous artists can submit a proposal for a memorial on legislature grounds to honour residential school students who never came home.

Youth Suicide Prevention Grant Program

The Youth Suicide Prevention (YSP) Grant Program invites applications for programs, services, or projects that support implementation of the Plan through targeted grant funding for evidence-informed initiatives that align with one or more of the Plan’s outcome areas, target priority youth populations at increased risk of suicide, and either: expand the capacity of existing [...]

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