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Alberta Security Infrastructure Program

The Alberta Security Infrastructure Program (ASIP) grant program funds security and minor infrastructure improvements to facilities that serve communities at risk of hate or bias-motivated crimes or incidents.

Employment Partnerships Program (EPP)

Employment Partnerships Program (EPP) provides funding to Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Program agreement holders for Indigenous workforce development. EPP project priorities are to: provide direct training and employment supports foster industry partnerships to expand the availability, accessibility and quality of Indigenous employment opportunities inform organizational priorities with labour market information to better meet skills needs [...]

Canada Community Revitalization Fund

The Canada Community Revitalization Fund (CCRF) aims to help communities across Canada build and improve community infrastructure projects so they can rebound from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. With a national investment of $500 million over two years, the fund’s purpose is to support not-for-profit organizations, municipalities and other community groups, as well [...]

Continuing Care Capital Program

A new continuing care capital program is being launched to increase the number of continuing care spaces in Alberta. The program is comprised of 3 grant-funding streams to: develop continuing care capacity with Indigenous groups and organizations increase continuing care capacity in identified priority communities modernize existing facilities For Indigenous peoples, wherever they live, this [...]

Investment Readiness Program

Based on the success of the pilot program, the renewed Investment Readiness Program (IRP) will continue to advance Social Innovation and Social Finance (SI/SF) in Canada. It will support social purpose organizations (SPOs) to build their capacity to access social finance and a strengthened SI/SF ecosystem. SPOs are organizations with a social or environmental [...]

Crime Prevention Action Fund (CPAF)

Public Safety Canada is working to build a safe and resilient Canada through the National Crime Prevention Strategy (NCPS).  The Crime Prevention Action Fund (CPAF) under the NCPS, provides time-limited funding in the form of grants and contributions to support the implementation and evaluation of local, targeted and tailored crime prevention initiatives with an [...]

Residential Schools Community Research Grant

The Residential Schools Community Research Grant funds Indigenous-led engagement, research and related activities associated with the documented and undocumented deaths and burials of Indigenous children at any of the historical Indian residential school sites in Alberta.

Aboriginal Business Investment Fund (ABIF)

The Aboriginal Business Investment Fund (ABIF) will provide eligible Indigenous community-owned businesses with up to $500,000 in funding for ventures that demonstrate social and economic benefits for their communities. ABIF supports projects that increase: employment opportunities for Indigenous people local revenue streams for Indigenous communities the economies of Indigenous communities

Reserve Land and Environmental Management Program

The Reserve Land and Environment Management Program (RLEMP) provides funding to First Nations to develop capacity to exercise increased responsibility over their reserve land, resources and environment under the Indian Act. Participating in RLEMP can prepare a community for transition to a more comprehensive land management model, such as First Nations Land Management, or comprehensive self-government.

Blueprint: Backing BIPOC Businesses

Blueprint: Backing BIPOC Businesses™, is a mentorship and grant program designed to support the advancement of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) business owners across Canada. In 2021, 100 Blueprint recipients will take part in a comprehensive mentorship program designed to provide the tools, resources and community to help BIPOC entrepreneurs thrive – [...]

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