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Rural and Northern Communities Infrastructure

Rural and Northern Communities Infrastructure support projects that improve infrastructure in small, rural and remote communities. Rural and remote communities with populations of 100,000 or fewer can apply for funding to support projects that improve food security, local road or air infrastructure, broadband connectivity, efficient and reliable energy sources.

Green Infrastructure

Eligible organizations can apply for funding for projects that protect the environment and support Canada's transition to a clean economy. The federal government will cost share eligible projects up to the following: 40% for municipal and not-for-profit partners 50% for provincial projects 75% for projects with Indigenous partners 25% for private sector, for-profit partners [...]

Research and Knowledge Initiative │ Infrastructure Canada

The Research and Knowledge Initiative (RKI) is a merit-based contributions funding program that supports data and research on issues related to public infrastructure and communities. The purpose of the Research and Knowledge Initiative is to advance the understanding of public infrastructure needs, challenges, and opportunities relevant to Canadians. The program aims to strengthen the [...]

Infrastructure Canada:

Infrastructure Canada is working with all orders of government and key partners to invest in modern public infrastructure and build inclusive, connected and resilient communities across Canada.

Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund

Through the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund (DMAF), the Government of Canada has committed to invest in public infrastructure that mitigates the potential economic, environmental and social impacts of climate change, and strengthens community resilience to disasters triggered by natural hazards and extreme weather events. The DMAF is a national, competitive, and merit-based contribution [...]

Public Transit Infrastructure

Under the federal government's Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program, Alberta is receiving $2.1 billion for public transit over the next 10 years (2018-28). Eligible communities with existing transit authorities can apply for funding to improve or expand public transportation. The primary objective is to support new construction. Rehabilitation projects will be capped nationally at 15% [...]

Community Capital Conservation Grants | City of Calgary

The grant recognizes and supports community associations and social recreation groups on City-owned land that maintain community-operated infrastructure (and are in compliance with the terms of their lease /license of occupation agreement) through funding for facility lifecycle planning and capital projects to maintain safe and healthy facilities for Calgarians.

Healthy Communities Grant Program

Healthy Communities Grant Program is designed to fund infrastructure projects that foster active living. The program was created to help Albertans build spaces such as skate park, playground, outdoor gym or arena, for active living in their community.

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