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Education Partnerships Program │ Indigenous Services Canada

The program supports: collaboration between First Nations, provincial and territorial ministries or departments of education and Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) the capacity development of First Nations organizations to deliver education, including establishing education systems and service delivery agreements responsive to First Nations students and community education needs

Bioenergy | Alberta Innovates

Bioenergy contributes to the development of low carbon fuels, the reduction of consumer and industrial solid waste, and waste reduction from agricultural development through a focus on waste conversion, renewable fuels, and circular economy. Alberta Innovates seeks to leverage Alberta’s existing oil and gas infrastructure, expertise, and innovation activities to support a growing bioenergy supply chain.

Explore and Create – Artist-Driven Organizations │ Canada Council for the Arts

The Artist-Driven Organizations component of Explore and Create supports the development of artistic activities, from research, creation, and production through to dissemination, by Canadian arts organizations that are driven by the vision of artistic leaders. Grants fund the activities of organizations mandated to support the creative process of artists, stimulating the emergence of new [...]

Arts Across Canada – Translation | Canada Council of the Arts:

The Translation component of Arts Across Canada funds activities linked to the translation of Canadian literary works or dramatic works into French, English, an Aboriginal (First Nations, Inuit or Métis) language, American Sign Language (ASL), Langue des signes québécoise (LSQ), or any other regional Canadian or Indigenous sign language for Canadian publication or presentation.

Funding for National Service Organizations | FACTOR

Funding for National Service Organizations (NSO) aims to ensure that NSO’s support Canadian music entrepreneurs to build a strong and competitive industry capable of contributing long-term to the Canadian musical experience, through a diverse range of compelling Canadian voices.

Alberta Broadband Fund (ABF)

The Alberta Broadband Fund (ABF) is part of Alberta’s Broadband Strategy, a historic $390-million commitment over four years to improve access to high-speed internet in rural, remote and Indigenous communities.

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