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Canada’s Innovation Booster │ INAC Services Limited:

Canada’s Innovation Booster program is offering 50% grant funding up to $100,000 for business development and innovation projects related to: Smart Product and Process Development including novel health, nutrition & wellness benefits; new robotics applications to increase productivity, food safety and/or worker safety; AI, sensors, machine learning and big data to improve efficiencies; and [...]

AgriRisk Initiatives (ARI):

The ARI R&D stream prioritizes projects involving new financial tools which allow producers to manage a defined business risk. Note: AgriRisk Initiative (ARI) is a five-year program under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership that supports the development of new risk management tools.

Foreign Credential Recognition Program

Foreign Credential Recognition Program provides funding to provincial and territorial governments and other organizations. The FCRP also helps implement the Pan-Canadian Framework for the Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Qualifications. The Framework is a joint commitment by federal, provincial and territorial governments to work together to improve foreign credential recognition processes in Canada.

Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative

New funding for the Venture Capital Catalyst Initiative (VCCI) will build on earlier investments to ensure Canadian businesses continue to enjoy access to a globally competitive venture capital ecosystem capable of nurturing entrepreneurial talent and creating high-quality, middle-class jobs.

Commemorate Canada

The Commemorate Canada program provides funding to initiatives that commemorate and celebrate historical figures, places, events and accomplishments of national significance. The program favors commemorations and celebrations marking 25th, 50th, 75th, 100th anniversaries and subsequent anniversaries in increments of 25 years. For the commemoration of an individual, at least 10 years must have passed following [...]

Computers for Schools Intern (CFSI) Program:

The Computers for Schools Intern (CFSI) program supports the Government of Canada's Youth Employment and Skills Strategy. CFSI seeks to enhance the employability and marketability of youth through internships specifically targeted to develop expertise and skills needed to actively participate in the digital economy.

Grants in support of Compensation for Employers of Reservists Program

Compensation for Employers of Reservists Program (CERP) is a Department of National Defence (DND) grant program for which the Department of Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) provides administrative support to Employers of Reservists and self-employed Reservists. In addition to issuing grants to employers of reservists and self-employed reservists, CERP provides an opportunity to [...]

Zero-Emission Vehicle Awareness Initiative

The Zero Emission Vehicle Awareness Initiative (ZEVAI) supports projects that aim to increase awareness, knowledge and public confidence in zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) and public charging and refueling infrastructure. The ZEVAI helps fund outreach, education, and capacity-building activities, ultimately enabling greater adoption of ZEVs by Canadians in all regions of the country.

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