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Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production | Alberta Innovates




Our Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production program is designed to enhance the economic and GHG competitiveness of Alberta’s oil and gas industry.

Recovery Technologies

This subprogram funds innovative techniques of hydrocarbon extraction that reduce greenhouse gases, water usage and land footprint while improving the cost competitiveness of industry and/or accessing new resources.

Solvent Leadership Series

This series is an opportunity for producers, government and the research community to share perspectives on the role of solvents in the recovery of in situ bitumen resources. Learn more

Methane Emissions Reduction

This subprogram measures, monitors, and mitigates methane emissions in alignment with provincial and federal targets.

Digital Oilfield

This subprogram accelerates the development and adoption of a wide variety of emerging technologies in the oil and gas industry for economic and environmental benefits. For additional information on an open call in Digital Innovation in Clean Energy click HERE

Eligible Applicants

The Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production program is open to academic researchers, innovators, small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies and consortia who are seeking funding, expertise and/or sector leadership to advance technology for commercialization.

Eligible Expenses

Most funding is provided through a combination of open competition and continuous intake process. Contact the relevant Program Director for more information.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Bruce Duong – Digital Oilfield Senior Manager, Recovery Technologies - Clean Resources

Phone Number: 587-779-2910

E-mail Address:


Industry: Energy & Environment, Location: Alberta ,
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