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Direct Assistance Program | WaterTAP Ontario




WaterTAP’s Direct Assistance program uses sector expertise to support the growth of water technology companies by working with them to address key business risks and opportunities. Through the program, the WaterTAP team works directly with individual companies to complete specific, measurable, time-limited projects of up to $50,000 in total value that will positively contribute to their growth.

Eligible Applicants

Your company must have a presence in Ontario, or must be able to demonstrate interest in establishing a presence in Ontario in connection with the project.

Eligible Expenses

  • Business development and strategy definition
  • Business idea and value proposition
  • Marketing and communications
  • Partnerships and consortia
  • Policy and regulatory research
  • Preparation to receive investment, grants, and funding

Deadline Date

  Currently closed. Future deadline to be determined.
Industry: Energy & Environment, Location: Ontario ,
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