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Value: Up to 50% of the total cash expenses of the event to a maximum of $25,000.


The Inter-Action: Multiculturalism Funding Program supports the socio-economic integration of individuals and communities and helps them to contribute to building an integrated, socially-cohesive society. Program funding is delivered through two distinct components: Events and Projects.The Events component of the Inter-Action: Multiculturalism Funding Program provides funding to community-based events that promote intercultural understanding, or foster civic memory and pride or respect for core democratic values grounded in our history.The primary intention is to create concrete opportunities for interaction among cultural, faith or ethnic communities.


o      Canadian not-for-profit organizations, associations and unincorporated groups of individuals

o      Canadian municipalities and townships with a population of up to 10,000

o      Canadian Aboriginal organizations

Eligible Events:

o      Must demonstrate involvement of more than one single cultural, religious or ethnic community and establish concrete opportunities for positive interaction among them

o      Must help foster intercultural understanding, civic memory and pride, and/or respect for core democratic values

o      Must be open to and intended for the general public

o      Must have a total cash cost of up to $100,000

Eligible Expenses:

o      Salaries and professional fees and expenses, including costs of honoraria (but not for directors)

o      Recruiting, training or supporting local volunteers (e.g., child care, uniforms or transportation)

o      Performers’ and artists’ fees and expenses

o      Domestic travel for event participants

o      Liability insurance (public events funded under the Inter-Action: Events component must be covered by liability insurance)

o      Translation from one to another official language

o      Communications, publicity, promotional material

o      Facility rental, production and set-up costs

o      Administrative expenses

No more than 15% of the amount granted to the applicant can be used for administrative expenses.

Deadline: Ongoing

Contact: Department of Canadian Heritage | 819-997-0055 |


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