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Value: $3000 – $300,000


The purpose of the ICCI program is to assist Canadian communities’ capacity to attract, retain and expand foreign direct investment by providing funding for approved FDI projects. Overall, the ICCI program aims to increase Canadian employment and improve Canada’s capacity to compete in the global economy. The objectives of the program are:

  • To enhance the capability and effectiveness of Canadian communities to attract employment—creating FDI by providing assistance to communities in developing FDI attraction, retention and expansion initiatives
  • To help build business cases that will make foreign investors aware of the proven advantages of expanding into and within Canada
  • To encourage and promote the pursuit of excellence in the development of investment programs by allocating funds on the basis of competition that is judged on clear, long-term planning principles and demonstrated cooperation between the private sector and municipal governments
  • To help Canadian communities become more effective in dealing with FDI aftercare and support for specific foreign investment promotion initiatives
  • To encourage intergovernmental cooperation, promote partnerships with the private sector and demonstrate federal commitment to encourage FDI and retention


  • Canadian communities and non-profit locally based organizations seeking to attract, retain or expand foreign direct investment (FDI)
  • Must be incorporated (in other words, must be a legal entity) and able to enter into legally binding agreements

Eligible Expenses:

  • Training
  • Strategic planning and analysis
  • Tool and material development
  • Lead generation and meetings with potential investors

Deadline: Currently closed. The application period for 2018 ICCI projects will take place in September-October 2017.

Contact: Invest Canada – Community Initiatives |


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