Irrigation Efficiency

Value: $150,000 per fiscal year.



The purpose of this program is to increase water savings and reduce energy use in irrigated agriculture by assisting producers with the purchase of more efficient irrigation equipment and systems.This program assists producers with eligible costs incurred for the purchase and installation of a new low-pressure centre (LPCP) pivot irrigation system, a drip irrigation system or an upgrade of an existing irrigation system.


Eligible Activities:


Applicants are only eligible to receive one payment per parcel of land under the program. For each parcel, applicants are eligible to receive either:

  • 40% of the eligible costs, up to a maximum of $5,000, for:equipment upgrades on the parcel; oran upgrade on the parcel from an existing irrigation system to a surface drip irrigation system; or
  • $15,000 of the eligible costs for an upgrade on the parcel from a gravity, side-wheel or high-pressure centre pivot irrigation system to a new LPCP system or a subsurface drip irrigation system.


Eligible equipment upgrades include:

  • new low-pressure centre pivot to replace a gravity, side-wheel or high-pressure centre pivot,
  • retrofit of a high-pressure centre pivot to a low-pressure centre pivot, including booster pumps, nozzle packages and pump modifications,
  • high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles and related equipment to upgrade an existing low-pressure centre pivot,
  • variable-rate irrigation equipment (controllers and software),
  • control panel upgrades, including base stations for telemetry,
  • surface or subsurface drip irrigation to replace gravity, side-wheel or high pressure centre pivot.


Eligible applicants include:

  • operate as a producer in Alberta
  • own an irrigated agricultural operation in Alberta
  • have a Long-Term Irrigation Management Plan; and
  • not have been previously been approved for payment from the program for the parcel described in the application.


Deadline: April 3, 2018 – May 1, 2018; May 2, 2018 – Aug 1, 2018. Aug 2, 2018 – Jan 31, 2019


Contact: Marie Schussler | | 310-FARM (3276)



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