Music Individual Project Funding | Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Value: Maximum $15,000


This funding provides up to $15,000 to support the development of individual Alberta artists, arts administrators, or an ensemble of artists by providing funding for a specific music project.


To be eligible for individual project funding you must be a resident(s) of Alberta. This means you:

o      Are legally entitled to be or remain in Canada

o      Have had your primary residence in Alberta for one full year before applying.

o      Ordinarily live in Alberta for at least six months each year with the exception of attending a formal program of study

Eligible Projects:

o      Art production

o      Marketing

o      Research

o      Training and career development

Eligible Expenses:

o      For art production projects:

o      Session musician fees

o      Commission fees

o      Production

o      Royalties

o      For marketing projects:

o      Promotion and publicity

o      For training and career development projects:

o      Tuition or training fees

o      For all project categories:

o      Transportation and accommodation

o      Administration and contract fees

o      Basic living/ subsistence expenses (housing, local transport, food, childcare, dependent care) up to $3,000/month.

o      Other expenses and supplies considered by the AFA to be reasonable and necessary

Deadline: February 1/18, September 3/18

Contact: Jason Flammia | 780-415-0297 |


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