Paid Work Experience Tax Credits (PWETC) – Co-Op Graduate | Government of Manitoba

Value: 15% of wages paid to a maximum of $2,500 per year (5 percent of wages paid for tax years ending in 2015 or earlier).


The Paid Work Experience Tax Credits (PWETC) is a group of programs that provide incentives to employers who offer work experiences to qualified students, graduates, apprentices and recently certified journeypersons.  There is no limit on the number of employees hired.

All components of this program are refundable tax credits, claimed on the employer’s tax return, available to those who hire:

Youth Work Experience high school students

Co-op students for work placements as part of a recognized college or university program

Recent graduates of co-op education programs

Apprentices (including high school apprentices)

Recently certified journeypersons


Eligible employers include: private companies, co-operatives, crown corporations, municipally-owned businesses, non-profit organizations; and unincorporated employers

Employer wage costs do not include other government assistance

Work must be performed primarily in Manitoba

The employer must reside in or have a permanent establishment in Manitoba

For employers of co-op education graduates who complete each of the first two years of employment

The graduate is employed on a full-time basis (at least 35 hours a week)

The work performed is closely related to the graduate`s co-operative education program

The first employment period must begin within 18 months of graduation and the second period begins immediately after the first

The graduate is a resident of Manitoba

There is a limit of two, one-year terms per co-op graduate

The wages and salaries paid are reduced by any government assistance received or receivable

Contact: Manitoba Tax Assistance Office | 204-948-2115 |


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