We have a proprietary three-step process for winning your first grant. 

Finding Grants

We will find every single grant dollar for which you and your business are eligible. This search will include all grant categories that pertain to your business including all municipal grants, provincial grants, federal grants, and in some cases international government grants.

Using our proprietary grant database, you can sit down with me and go through grants worth millions of dollars in ONLY ONE HOUR.

It’s SCARY to think how much it would cost you if you had to spend weeks or months researching every grant one by one. Just as painful is tasking someone else to try and find these grants, only to become frustrated by all the hoops you have to jump through to actually get the money.

Just google “government grants” and give it a try. Ouch!

With us, you don’t waste a minute and we GUARANTEE if we don’t find any grants that you are eligible for, you get every penny of your small investment back!

The risk to you? ZERO!


You will want to make a small investment at this stage, but your return on investment is usually between 300 and 700%...and remember, we do almost all the work!

Call us now before you grant deadline passes! 780-297-6177


“Without question I recommend ABG for your finding grants services. ABG will save you weeks of searching municipal, provincial, and federal grants. David gets your list of high priority grants quickly, and sends you off to meet the appropriate grant contact.”

— Shara Tardif BBM Owner / President ManageWise Inc.


Most people don’t even know this step exists and that is why significant time and money is often wasted chasing the wrong grant or failing to present your case properly. 

Working with us, you are going to knock your grant meeting out of the park and you will be INVITED to apply!

You will be provided with the publication, ‘The 15-Step Guide to WINNING AT YOUR GRANT MEETING’. We do ALL of the grunt work; you just copy our templates and hit send!

You will get us to write your story, develop a question and answer document that helps the grant agency, and tidy up (or write) your team biographies.

This step will ensure that your messaging is exactly what you want it to be and that it ALIGNS with the grant agency’s MANDATE.

Our clients have been told by grant agencies that “they have stood out against the hundreds of applications” they receive.

This meeting is CRITICAL for you to win a grant. In fact, I truly believe THE GRANT IS OFTEN WON OR LOST AT THIS PHASE. Are you going to leave this meeting up to chance or just “wing it?”

Of course not!  With so much at stake, that would be crazy.  Failing at this stage could cost you literally tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in GRANT money!

Find out what you need to know about the Grant Meeting by asking these key questions:

  • How do you know that you are TRULY eligible?
  • How can you determine whether funds are still available this year?
  • How do you know if applications are still being accepted?
  • If so, what is the deadline?
  • How do you know how competitive each grant program is?
  • (This is so important) What advice can the grant representative give you that can help you win the grant?

With the information we provide, you can go to your grant meeting with confidence, realizing that when you are done, you will know if you stand a good chance of winning that grant. (By the way, if you don’t feel comfortable with any specific grant, we will just move to the next. Hundreds of grants exist for Alberta businesses!)

You should also know that some of these grants are awarded YEAR AFTER YEAR! So your investment can be used for years to come!

Wait! That’s not all.

You may want to be sitting down when I share this one with you.

The offer that I am about to make you is ONLY for customers who went through our meeting preparation package. It involves STEP THREE.

Once the grant agency encourages you to apply, you can get us to write your grant application.

Grant writing is a LOT of work, even for professionals like us.

And it is HIGHLY-SKILLED work.

Believe me, you do not want to write these things by yourself.

Nor do you want to force one of your staff to “learn how to do it” on the job. Applications assigned to a staffer are often NEVER submitted! Don’t do that to your business! Let a PRO DO IT QUICKLY, PROPERLY, and SUCCESSFULLY!

Here’s how you win a grant.

As I said earlier, when we do all three steps - identify the right grants, prepare the grant meetings, and then write the grant applications, you win more than 90% of the time.

Now there is a catch…and it’s a bit scary too.

Each year, most grant money RUNS OUT! They have only so many grant dollars per year. They also have deadlines.

When you miss the grant deadline, you have to wait for almost AN ENTIRE YEAR to reapply!


So while you are sitting here wondering, “Should I do this?” your competition is APPLYING.

Why would you care?  Well, this could mean:

  • Your competitors are entering new markets at HALF the cost you are.  
  • Your competitors are developing new technologies AT A FRACTION OF WHAT YOU ARE PAYING.
  • Your competitors are hiring staff AT REDUCED WAGE costs due to grant wage subsidies.
  • This means they are more efficient than you are and they can spend more on marketing to attract new customers and invest more to steal your customers!

In fact, your competition is having a grant field day and probably enjoying a family vacation while you wait! So…Don’t wait! ACT NOW!

The government has earmarked this money and they are trying to give it away. Make it easy for them! Determine now if you qualify for grants at http://albertabusinessgrants.ca/needs-assessment. After your assessment, you can book a 30-minute complementary consultation to review your findings. 

Or if you prefer, simply call my direct line at 780-297-6177.