Targeted Geoscience Initiative (TGI) | Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)

Value:  Maximum $45,000


The Targeted Geoscience Initiative [TGI] is a 5-year initiative that was announced in economic Action Plan 2015, with funding of $22 M, starting in FY 2015-16. Working in partnership with provinces, territories, industry and universities, the Federal government through TGI will provide integrated geoscience knowledge pertaining to areas with mineral potential, which is intended to help stimulate private sector resource investment and exploration. The program objectives are:

o      To generate geoscience knowledge to enhance effectiveness of deep exploration for Canada’s key economic minerals

o      To provide geoscience that is a driver of innovation in the mineral exploration industry, that ultimately improves Canada’s global competiveness and supports Canadian mining-dependent communities


o      Canadian and International not-for-profit organizations(including industry and research and professional associations)

o      Canadian and international academic institutions

o      Indigenous organizations and groups

o      Provincial, Territorial, Regional, and Municipal governments and their departments and agencies where applicable

Deadline: Currently closed. Future deadline to be determined.

Contact: Targeted Geoscience Initiative | Targeted Geoscience Initiative |


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