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As an apprentice, you learn a skilled trade on the job. You work with and learn from experienced workers, and get paid while you do it. You also learn in [...]

Ontario Internship Program

The Ontario Internship Program invests in committed, talented graduates seeking a great opportunity to start and accelerate their careers. It's a paid developmental opportunity to grow top talent while delivering [...]

Youth In Policing Initiative (YIPI)

Youth In Policing Initiative (YIPI) program was created in recognition of the importance of providing support and employment opportunities for young people all year round. This initiative lets you: Get [...]

Youth Investment Accelerator Fund

A funding program for eligible technology companies founded by entrepreneurs under the age of 30 Get support as you build your team and commercialize your technologies The program targets high [...]

Youth Business Acceleration Program

Through Ontario’s Youth Business Acceleration Program, you may be eligible to receive: mentoring and advice from business experts entrepreneurship education access to valuable market intelligence up to $5,000 to fund [...]

Transportation Technician Initiative

Transportation Technician Initiative lets you get a full-time, permanent job with the Ministry of Transportation with 3 years of rotating assignments and work experience. This initiative gives you the opportunity [...]