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Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) program:

The Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) program promotes and enhances the well-being of Albertans, families and communities. FCSS programs are intended to help individuals adopt healthy lifestyles, improve their quality of life and build capacity to prevent and deal with crisis situations should they arise.

Springboard Grant │ Alberta EcoTrust:

The Springboard Grant is a capacity building grant to support your organisational development to develop competencies, work on new strategies, or improve processes/systems, resulting in greater impact and improving your ability to achieve an environmental outcome. It is an opportunity to invest in your organisation.

2 Billion Trees (2BT) program:

The 2 Billion Trees (2BT) program has launched an ongoing call for proposals – applications can be submitted anytime. The 2BT program will process and assess proposals based on the submission date and provide decisions at specific intervals.

Local Food Infrastructure Fund (LFIF)

The Local Food Infrastructure Fund (LFIF) is a five-year, $50 million initiative ending March 31, 2024. The program is part of the Government of Canada’s Food Policy which is Canada’s roadmap for a healthier and more sustainable food system in Canada. The LFIF objective is to strengthen food systems and to facilitate access to [...]

Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP)

Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) funding provides financial assistance to acquire, build, purchase, repair, renovate, upgrade or expand sports, recreational, cultural or other related public-use community facilities. CFEP outcomes are to: enhance the lifespan and support the creation of public-use community facilities stimulate economic activity across the province CFEP has 2 funding streams: Small [...]


Repsol assess the opportunities that generate positive impacts and increase shared value in their projects. The focus is on sustainable socio-economic development that is well planned and involves active dialog with local communities. Social Investment: Safety - support projects that help promote safety in the community Environment - support projects that promote and protect [...]

Community Investment Program | CNOOC International:

CNOOC International’s Community Investment program helps strengthen the communities where we live and work. Through meaningful corporate gifts including donations and sponsorships, we prioritize funding for projects that provide long-term and sustainable results that have a positive impact on our communities. Our funding priorities are: Supporting Thriving & Safe Communities Advancing Education Capacity Building [...]


All applications must be submitted through their online application form. This form is for community organizations requesting support from Pembina, or from a Pembina joint venture or subsidiary, including Aux Sable, Cedar LNG, or Pembina Gas Infrastructure.


Our commitment to building better communities extends to the many areas where we live and work. With office locations worldwide, that support is spread across the globe. But it’s not just about where we give; it’s also about how we give. We contribute in four core areas: arts, education, environment, and health and wellness. [...]

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