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Enabling Accessibility Fund for Youth Innovation Projects

The EAF Youth Innovation Component is looking for dynamic youth who want to demonstrate leadership and a commitment to their communities. Youth volunteer their time to build a more accessible Canada. This program provides an opportunity for youth to have a direct impact in the lives of persons with disabilities. They do this by [...]

Housing Incentive Program │ City of Calgary

The City of Calgary’s Housing Incentive Program (HIP) encourages the building of affordable housing units and helps stimulate the economy. It is primarily funded under the One Calgary budget and provides two kinds of financial assistance.​ A grant of up to $50,000 towards pre-development activities for an affordable housing project; A rebate on eligible City development [...]

Energy Innovation Program – – Carbon capture, utilization and storage RD&D Call | Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)

Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) provides an important pathway to emissions reductions for energy and industrial activities under conditions where neither electrification nor low carbon fuels are able to provide technically or economically feasible low-carbon solutions. As part of Budget 2021, the government is investing $319 million over seven years into research, development, and [...]

Donation Fund Program matching campaign

The Donation Fund Program has been set to encourage support for the development of sport, physical activity and recreation in Alberta, the Donation Fund Program gives individual and corporate donors a tax incentive to invest in the future of the sector and a process for the acceptance of contributions from charitable organizations.  The Ministry [...]

Catherine Donnelly Foundation (CDF)

The Catherine Donnelly Foundation has been established to provide a long-term way to serve specific community needs anywhere in Canada. Generally, The Catherine Donnelly Foundation will use its endowment to fund projects/programs that address community needs in three primary areas. Adult Education Advancement Initiatives Environmental Enhancement Initiatives Housing Initiatives

Civil Society Fund

The new Civil Society Fund (CSF) provides $20 million to expand civil society’s capacity to address social problems for Albertans. Of that, $7 million is budgeted for 2020/21 to support civil society’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. CSF funding is one-time only. Funding will not be provided to support the ongoing delivery of social [...]

Movable Cultural Property Grants

Movable Cultural Property Grants help designated organizations acquire cultural property of outstanding significance and national importance to Canada, as outlined in the Cultural Property Export and Import Act. Designated organizations are located in Canada and demonstrate the ability to ensure the long-term preservation of cultural property.

Youth Suicide Prevention Grant Program

The Youth Suicide Prevention (YSP) Grant Program invites applications for programs, services, or projects that support implementation of the Plan through targeted grant funding for evidence-informed initiatives that align with one or more of the Plan’s outcome areas, target priority youth populations at increased risk of suicide, and either: expand the capacity of existing [...]

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