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Supports for Newcomer Integration grants:

This program provides settlement and language supports and services for newcomers while they live and work in Alberta. Apply to have your services funded in one of 3 streams for 2022 to 2024 call for proposals: Settlement and Community Support Services help eligible newcomers get settlement and integration supports while they live and work [...]

Innovation Fund Project Grants:

Since the FQR Innovation Fund was launched in 2009, we have provided over $8 million in funding for more than 80 projects to: streamline the processes for the assessment and recognition of foreign processes develop up-to-date, plain language information for FQR processes develop programs that bridge to licensure or to professional certification and prepare [...]

Community Capacity for Newcomer Integration grants:

Eligible organizations can apply for funding to build Alberta’s capacity to support newcomers and address impacts related to COVID-19. You can apply to have your project funded under one of two streams (Call for proposals): Small centre and rural capacity – Projects will develop and build the capacities of small centres/rural areas to be [...]

Settlement, Integration and Language Projects Grants:

Apply for funding for projects that strengthen the settlement, language and integration system, and contribute to Alberta’s economy. Apply to have your project funded under one of the following 3 streams: Stream 1: Building Community Capacity - This stream will fund initiatives to help communities develop their capacity and readiness to attract, welcome and [...]

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