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Alberta Business Grants Ltd.

Grants Available Now

Grants Available Now

Hi Everyone,

As usual, a pile of grants are now accepting applications below.


David Kincade

p.s. If your business wants to understand grants, you can reach me here. Please fill out the form to save you time and energy.

1. Agriculture

Sente Foundry LLC and GrowRay Lighting Technologies are looking for innovative startups to participate in their Indoor AgTech program for a $50,000 investment. Deadline: August 16, 2020. Link

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is seeking innovative pest management solutions that will support many end-users in meeting phytosanitary requirements and address evolving plant health risks. Deadline: September 9, 2020. Link

Protein Industries Canada (PIC) creates co-investment projects that have the potential to transform the agriculture and food production sector. PIC currently has two investment streams:

  • Technology

  • Capacity Building

Deadline: Ongoing. Link

Canadian Seafood Stabilization Fund (CSSF) in Western Canada will support processors to safely and efficiently increase plant capacity to process, store, and distribute seafood products. Deadline: Ongoing. Link

2. Arts and Culture

Dance Individual Project Funding provides up to $15,000 to support the development of individual artists, administrators, or an ensemble for a specific dance project. Deadline: September 1, 2020. Link

ISCP Residency in New York Funding provides up tp $15,000 to support the development of visual and new media artists and curators for a three-month residency at the International Studio & Curatorial Program in Brooklyn, New York. Deadline: September 1, 2020. Link

Community Performing Arts Organizations Operating Funding provides annual funding to eligible not-for-profit community organizations that self-create and self-produce performing art productions. Deadline: October 1, 2020. Link

3. Employment | Varies

Junction is a 9-week residency program that helps startup entrepreneurs establish clear foundations for technology-driven businesses. Deadline: August 9, 2020. Link

The Government of Canada is investing in our skilled trades to ensure that Canadians have the training they need to access good, well-paying jobs. Deadline: August 28, 2020. Link

The $1M Next-Gen Mask Challenge aims to reimagine protective face masks used to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by making them more comfortable, functional, accessible, and even stylish. Deadline: October 22, 2020. Link

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Future Launch is a 10-year $500 million commitment to help Canadian youth prepare for the jobs of tomorrow. Deadline: Ongoing. Link

4. Environment/CleanTech

Global Affairs Canada is seeking your views and ideas to deliver $2.65 billion to help developing countries transition to low-carbon, climate-resilient economies. Deadline: August 21, 2020. Link

The Site Rehabilitation Program provides grants of up to $1 billion in funding to oil field service contractors. Deadline: March 31, 2021. Link

5. Export

The CanExport Community Investments program aims to increase Canadian employment by supporting Canadian communities’ collaborative efforts to attract, retain, and expand foreign direct investment (FDI). The application period for 2021 opens in fall 2020. Link

Get the tools, connections, and knowledge you need to take your business into new markets through the Trade Accelerator Program (TAP). Date: Varies. Link

6. Indigenous

The Indigenous Forestry Initiative (IFI) provides financial support to Indigenous-led economic development projects in Canada’s forest sector. Deadline: August 20, 2020. Link

The Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee’s (IAMC), with a $3.25M budget, supports Community and Committee-led initiatives for a more resilient Indigenous community in the event of any type of emergency. Deadline: August 31, 2020. Link

Indigenous Arts Individual Project Funding provides up to $15,000 to support the development of an individual Indigenous artist, arts administrators, or an ensemble of artists in Alberta. Deadline: September 1, 2020. Link

The Aboriginal Business Investment Fund (ABIF) provides between $150,000 and $500,000 to support an Indigenous community-owned economic development project. Deadline: September 30, 2020. Link

Strategic Partnerships Initiative (SPI), with a budget of $14.45 million per year, provides a way for federal partners to coordinate their efforts, reduce administrative burden, and pool resources in support of Indigenous communities. Deadline: Ongoing. Link

7. Municipalities

Municipal Stimulus Program is a capital infrastructure funding to support economic recovery and jobs. Deadline: October 1, 2020. Link

Water for Life funding is available to regional commissions or groups of 2 or more municipalities for new extensions to existing regional water or wastewater systems. Deadline: Ongoing. Link

Alberta Community Partnership (ACP) helps municipalities by providing support for regional collaboration and capacity-building initiatives. Deadline: ACP program guidelines for the 2020/21 program will be available later this year. Link

8. Non-Profit

Edmonton Community Foundation’s (ECF) Community Grant Program supports a wide range of organizational needs. Deadline: Varies. Link

The Space Rental Subsidy assists emerging immigrant and refugee communities with the cost of renting space for their organization and/or programs. Deadline: Ongoing. Link

The Other Initiatives Program (OIP) aims to support nonprofit/voluntary sector projects that fall outside the scope of other Community Grants funding streams. Deadline: Ongoing. Link

9. Post Secondary | Varies

Idea to Innovation (I2I) grants provide funding to college and university faculty members to support research and development projects with recognized technology transfer potential. Deadline: September 28, 2020. Link

The Aspen Foundation offers grants of up to $1,500 to help schools fund innovative projects that promote student engagement in social justice activities. Deadline: October 6, 2020. Link

The Alex Decoteau Award of Honour recognizes and rewards Canada’s Armed Forces and their immediate families by supporting their pursuit of post-secondary studies in Alberta. Deadline: October 31, 2020. Link

Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EiR) startup program offers aspiring and established entrepreneurs a proven path to build world-class deep technology companies in 12 to 18 months. Deadline: Ongoing. Link

10. Technology | Varies

Genesis’ pre-incubator program Evolution is an 8-week intensive program with mentorship for early stage technology start-ups. Deadline: Apply now for October session. Link

AI for Good is a cultural and technological commitment to shift the narrative around artificial intelligence, with worth $5 million challenge. Deadline: August 1, 2020. Link

SCALE AI’s Accelerating program provides up to up to $50,000 for startups who want to become bigger players in the word of artificial intelligence. Deadline: Ongoing. Link

Alberta Innovates’ Product Demonstration Program provides up to $300,000 to Alberta’s high potential, high growth, technology and knowledge-based small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Deadline: Ongoing. Link

11. Grant Events

2020 Inspire Gala is cancelled.

Webinar by Alberta Innovates: Water Innovation Connect Series: Technology Development – From Concept to Commercialization. Date: August 14, 2020.

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For More Information Contact
David Kincade, MA
Grant Writer
Author of 100 Golden Grant Rules 780-297-6177

p.s., You can do it. Keep going.

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