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2019 British Columbia Forage and Transportation Assistance Initiative




The 2019 BC Forage and Transportation Assistance Initiative will provide assistance towards the purchase of additional hay for Cariboo ranchers who are required to purchase more hay than they normally would. In addition, where ranchers find it more economically viable to move animals to alternate feed sources rather than transport purchased feed home, assistance with the freight costs for moving the animals will be provided.  This assistance is in addition to Production Insurance claims.

The aim of this Initiative is to help livestock producers with the extraordinary hay purchases.  It is not intended to compensate for farm income losses and does not diminish the need to purchase commercial insurance for farm assets and infrastructure.

Eligible Applicants

Ranchers in the Cariboo region

Eligible Expenses

Please click the link indicated below for more information.

Deadline Date

June 1, 2020


Contact Name: B.C. Ministry of Agriculture - Business Risk Management Branch

Phone Number: 1- 888- 332- 3352

E-mail Address:


Industry: Agriculture, Location: British Colombia ,
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