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Agri-Food Promotion Program


Maximum contribution for a project is $1,000


The Agri-Food Promotion Program aims to increase the awareness, demand, and consumption for fresh, high-quality Prince Edward Island agricultural products.

Eligible Applicants

  • groups (e.g. youth clubs, agricultural clubs, etc.)
  • institutions (schools)
  • municipalities
  • others may be considered upon special request

Eligible Expenses

Projects that:

  • improve the visibility and knowledge of locally produced agri-food products and the individuals that produce them
  • make the connection between Prince Edward Island farming and the agri-food sector
  • encourage the importance of using locally produced foods to create healthy eating habits and making informed consumer choices and/or
  • create an awareness of the important value of the Prince Edward Island agri-food sector

Deadline Date

March 1, 2021


Contact Name: PEI Department of Agriculture and Land

Phone Number: (902) 368-4880

E-mail Address:


Industry: Agriculture, Location: PEI ,
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