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Bee BC Program


A total of $100,000 in funding available for each fiscal year. The program provides up to $5,000 of grant funding per project.


Bee BC Program is a four-year provincial program that supports small scale regional/community-based projects to research, explore, field-test and share information about best management practices associated with bee health in British Columbia. The program will enhance bee health related activities and enhance information sharing amongst beekeepers.

Eligible Applicants

• Regional/community beekeeping associations or groups
• Beekeepers with permitted hives
• Groups of beekeepers with permitted hives
• First Nations / Indigenous Peoples Organizations.

Eligible Expenses

• The purchasing of a new piece of equipment and implementing it into your bee health strategy
• Implementing a best management practice such as beehive equipment irradiation
• Introducing pollen substitutes and/or supplements into your bee health strategy
• Seeding and planting new bee forage that offers nectar and pollen

Deadline Date

  There will be one annual application window. Please check the link indicated below for more information.


Contact Name: Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC

Phone Number: 250-940-6150

E-mail Address:


Industry: Agriculture, Location: British Colombia ,
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