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Critical Minerals and Emerging Technology | Alberta Innovates




The Clean Technology program invests in projects to adapt, develop, and deploy innovative clean technology to benefit Albertans and contribute to the growth of the province’s low-carbon economy.

Eligible Applicants

Support is open to researchers, innovators, small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies and others who are seeking funding, expertise and/or sector leadership to advance technology development from TRL 3-7.

Eligible Expenses

Critical Minerals (Mining, Metals and Materials)

  • Alberta Innovates is focused on re-energizing the minerals, mining, and materials sectors in Alberta through investment in innovative solutions supporting development of next-generation materials, critical minerals, and end products to help create a more competitive, modern and sustainable minerals and materials industry. With a focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) contributions, this includes novel primary and secondary extraction technologies, processing of key economic minerals, and the creation of value-add high tech materials from resources and raw materials readily available in Alberta.  Critical Minerals includes lithium, vanadium, titanium, rare earth elements, potash and others, as well as the creation and demonstration of novel carbon nanomaterials, graphene, novel chemistries for improved renewable energy development, and more.

Emerging Technology

  • Emerging Technology has development or practical applications and is still largely unrealized but is substantively disruptive to industries – dramatically altering the customer expectation and entirely reshaping the clean technology marketplace. Currently, Emerging Technology includes modern digital systems, solutions, and tools with profound development and impact in information management.

Deadline Date

  Continuous Intake


Contact Name: Sheila Schindel (Senior Business Partner, Clean Technology - Clean Resources)

Phone Number: 587-779-2912

E-mail Address:


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