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Electric Vehicles for Municipalities Program | Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC)


50% of the pre-GST total cost to a maximum of $6,000.


The Electric Vehicles for Municipalities (“EVM”) program provides funding to municipalities to assist their transition to an electrically-fueled vehicle fleet. The EVM program supports more efficient and lower greenhouse gas emitting Electric Vehicles (“EVs”), EV Charging Stations, and Feasibility Studies that enable informed decision-making.

Eligible Applicants

The following organizations are eligible to participate in the EVM program:

Municipalities: all designated municipalities within the province of Alberta are eligible to participate in the EVM program. As per Section 1 (1)(s) of the Municipal Government Act, a “municipality” is defined as:
i. a city, town, village, summer village, municipal district or specialized municipality,
ii. a town under the Parks Towns Act, or
iii. a municipality formed by a special Act; or,
iv. if the context requires, the geographical area within the boundaries of a municipality described
in sub-clauses (i) to (iii).

Eligible Expenses

For each applicable Project Component, costs must be clearly invoiced, dated, and itemized. The eligible expenses for each Project Component are as follows:
a. All BEVs and PHEVs
i. The cost of an EV receiving a flat rate rebate as per Section 3.1.
b. EV Charging Stations
i. Expenses for the purchase of the EV Charging Station equipment;
ii. Expenses for the installation costs completed by a licensed Contractor;
iii. Expenses for obtaining the required electrical permit and any required building and development permits; and
iv. Expenses for completing the required electrical inspections.
c. Feasibility Studies
i. Expenses for a third-party analysis by a Pre-Qualified Consultant that adheres to the EVFSR.

Deadline Date

  Deadline Extended to March 31, 2023.


Contact Name: Municipal Climate Change Action Centre

Phone Number: 310-2862

E-mail Address:


Industry: Municipalities, Location: Alberta ,
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