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Farm Safety Program


Maximum of $50,000 per applicant per year.


The Farm Safety Program provides funding for organizations to promote awareness of farm safety issues and encourage the adoption of safe farm practices in Saskatchewan. Through more education on safe farming practices and industry dangers, the Farm Safety Program aims to reduce farm injuries and fatalities in Saskatchewan.

The Farm Safety Program provides funding to eligible projects that focus on one of the following two priorities:

  • Farm safety education and training that engages producers and farm families in adopting safe farm practices; or
  • Education and training on mental health issues affecting farm safety.

Eligible Applicants

Saskatchewan-based agriculture-related organizations, agri-businesses, public institutions and agencies are eligible to apply.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible expenses/activities include:

  • Presentations by guest speakers, qualified instructors or trainers at an event;
    • Speaker fees and incremental rental costs for speakers or trainers;
    • Hosting safety training courses, workshops and events; and
    • Costs for the development and/or promotion of training resources such as videos, educational materials, displays, farm safety assessment tools, publications and other farm safety or mental health resources.

Deadline Date

Industry: Agriculture, Location: Saskatchewan ,
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