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Individual Artist Program | Calgary Arts Development:




The intention of this program is to support the artist’s overall practice rather than focusing investment on distinct project outcomes or artistic outputs. We believe that removing financial barriers for artists to dedicate time, resources, and energy on their daily artistic practice creates the conditions necessary for the artist to create meaningful artistic work, experiences, and relationships within the city of Calgary.

Eligible Applicants

This program is open to individual artists in the city of Calgary, Mohkinstsis, working in any artistic discipline at any stage of practice.

Artists funded through this program will have a clear and thoughtful relationship with their artistic practice and the communities for whom and with they make and share their work, a curious and critical awareness of their role as an artist within the city of Calgary, and demonstrate readiness to consider how their practice may transform and grow as a result of an investment in their overall work.

Eligible Expenses

Funds from this program may be used at the artist’s discretion.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Community Investment

Phone Number: 403.476.2031

E-mail Address:


Industry: Arts and Culture, Location: Alberta ,
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