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Innovate BC Innovator Skills Initiative (Innovate BC-ISI)


Up to $10,000


The Innovate BC Innovator Skills Initiative (Innovate BC-ISI) is designed to cultivate future technology entrepreneurs and innovators with the ultimate goal of creating quality, high-paying jobs for the BC economy. Innovate BC-ISI is focused on covering the  innovation/entrepreneurial gap that is critical to providing the spark that ignites future business leaders. This program differs from a co-op in that it is driven by regional industry needs rather than educational institutions, and prepares students to start companies and create jobs in addition to filling jobs.

Eligible Applicants

You are either a:

  • Tech company or tech focused non-profit hiring for a business or tech role (same as before) or a
  • Business or non-profit hiring for a tech role (new!)
  • You must also be able to provide entrepreneurial and skills training to the student.

Your student:

  • Is not an accredited co-op student (internships, work placements and non-accredited co-ops at private schools are acceptable, please contact us to confirm)
  • Is taking on a business or technical role
  • Is currently enrolled at an accredited post secondary institution in BC or is taking one semester off (ie: summer)
  • Any level of post-secondary (certificate, undergrad, master level, phd post-doc, etc.) is accepted.
  • Hiring from a private school? Check if it’s accredited

Eligible Expenses

If approved you can receive:

  • Up to $5000 towards your student’s payroll, per term (grant amount is based on your student’s total salary)
  • Up to two grants per year (running May – April), worth a total of $10,000
  • Funds are paid out at the end of the term, after providing paystubs, a final survey, and proof of completion of online Market Validation training

Deadline Date

  Closed. Future deadline to be determined.


Contact Name: New Ventures BC

Phone Number: 604 602-5202


Industry: Employment, Location: British Colombia ,
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