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Organization Activation Projects Funding │ Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA)


The maximum grant available will not exceed $20,000 for a single applicant organization, or $50,000 for partnership applications.


Organization Activation Projects Funding assists not-for-profit organizations by providing a grant to support COVID-19 relaunch and recovery in the arts sector through capacity building, strategic planning, audience development, or one-time partnerships that fall outside of regular or ongoing administrative practices or programming.

Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for funding, an applicant must be a not-for-profit organization with public arts programming as its primary mandate and as stated in its incorporation documents.

Eligible organizations must also:

  • Have at least 50% of the organization’s board members living in Alberta.
  • Engage in on-going development, implementation and promotion of fine arts programming as its core primary activity.
  • Employ at least one full-time equivalent administrative and/or artistic staff member for the minimum duration of its programming season.
  • Be a not-for-profit organization, operating in Alberta for at least two years and in good standing under the appropriate legislation.
  • Demonstrate adherence to good governance principles, efficient administration practices and commitment to fiscal responsibility.
  • Demonstrate financial stability, in the judgment of the AFA, for at least two years prior to application.
  • Organizations must be in good standing with the AFA and the Ministry of Culture and Status of Women.
  • Organizations must have satisfied any reporting requirements for previous AFA or Ministry funding.
  • Organizations may only submit one application to each deadline, including those related to partnership activities.
  • Organizations must operate at arm’s length from municipalities, commercial enterprises or schools
  • Organizations must carry out public arts programming in one or more of the following areas:
    • Self-created and self-produced work for public presentation in any fine arts discipline
    • Artist support and artist development training
    • Artistic presentation in the performing, visual, literary, film and video arts that are open and available to the general public
    • Indigenous arts, culturally diverse arts programming, and arts programming that supports traditionally underserved communities

Eligible Expenses

Eligible COVID-19 reactivation projects may be in one of the following areas:

  • Audience development, retention, and accessibility; may include diversity and inclusion practices.
  • Communications strategies; may include marketing.
  • Redefining sponsor, donor, and fundraising relationships.
  • Revamping online presence; may include restructure or new capabilities, excluding capital purchases.
  • Adapting technical capacity, excluding capital purchases.
  • Staff and board training on new competencies or post COVID-19 competencies.
  • Organizational restructuring.

Deadline Date

  December 1, 2021.


Contact Name: Paul Reich, Arts Development Consultant - Dance

Phone Number: 780-415-0287

E-mail Address:


Industry: Arts and Culture, Location: Alberta ,
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