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Primary Care Network Nurse Practitioner Support Program


Payments for NP funding are allocated quarterly to PCNs based on the approved number of NP FTEs registered within the PCN NP SP at $125,000/year per 1.0 FTE.


The Primary Care Network Nurse Practitioner Support Program improves access to timely care by using the expertise of nurse practitioners (NPs), who are experienced registered nurses with advanced education to provide a full range of comprehensive health services. This program information document is a guide for Primary Care Networks (PCNs) interested in hiring NPs through the Support Program, including the criteria to submit an Expression of Interest to Alberta Health. The Support Program builds on the $10-million NP Demonstration Projects that launched in 2016.

Eligible Applicants

Primary health care and community settings.

Eligible Expenses

The 2020-2023 PCN Grant Agreement includes a total annual funding allocation for each NP 1.0 FTE of $125,000. This funding allocation ensures NP services are supported in the PCN and allows for NPs to build their own patient panels. PCNs are responsible for budgeting for costs in excess of the $125,000 funding allocation from the PCN NP SP.

Deadline Date

  Phase One – Full completion by August 20, 2021; Phase Two – The application process for PCNs is July 21 to August 27, 2021.


Contact Name: Ministry of Health, Government of Alberta

E-mail Address:


Industry: Municipalities, Location: Alberta ,
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